2016: The Long Awaited Comeback

2016 is a few weeks old, and I’ve managed to codify my goals for the year.  2015 was all about getting back off the couch, ditching the self pity, and taking control of my life.  I had to build back from scratch to create a fitness baseline.  Now that 2016 is underway, I’m ready to get specific with triathlon training.  

In broad terms, for racing I want to start off with a Sprint, then build towards an Oly at the end of the season.  I’ll sprinkle in a few running races both at the beginning and end of the season.



Healthy Strides Community 5k - 4/23/2016

Reston Sprint Triathlon - 6/5/2016 [registered!]

PRR Birthday Bash 5k - 7/24/2016

Reston Oly Triathlon - 9/11/2016

Late Fall Running Race - TBD


Getting sport specific, I want to swim more and swim faster.  I need to get onto the road bike and learn to handle it properly.  Running will be built up very slowly to avoid injury, and I want to consistently track HR.  I’ve dialed in those broad goals with specific milestones.



Swim 325,000 yards this year

Average sub 2:00/100yd in races

Get a 1:35/100yd set in a workout

Build up to 3000 yard workouts



Log 300 miles on Peggy the City Bike

Log 500 outdoor miles on Sadly Unnamed Road Bike

Road Bike skills - one handed, drinking from water bottle, easy mounting/dismounting



Run 385 miles this year

Track HR for all workouts

Build up to 7 mile long run


Writing out goals and plans for the year is exciting, isn’t it?  I’m a bit concerned after watching this TED talk from Derek Sivers that perhaps revealing my goals in this much depth will hinder me.  But then again, I felt that keeping them vague wasn’t really benefiting me, either.  I need to know how many miles I have to go before I sleep.  Time will tell if blogging about goals works much the same, psychologically speaking, as speaking about them.  For now, I head into 2016 with strong conviction, concrete goals, and a game plan to get me there.

This is what boxing day looked like at Casa Youldon.  After this, off season was over!

This is what boxing day looked like at Casa Youldon.  After this, off season was over!