January Goals

I was really good last month about putting together concrete goals for the entire year.  To be fair, making goals in January isn’t that much of a stretch, and while this year I tried hard to make them nice and specific, my next step is to check in on them regularly and see how progress is going.  January is in the past, and while it seems like I only just made these goals, it's already time to do a progress report.  This post may be a bit dry, so Vivaldi makes an appearance if you can hang on to the end!



20,050 out of 325,000 total yards

2000 out of 3000 yard workouts

Average sub 2:00/100yd in races

Get a 1:35/100yd set in a workout (best = 1:46)

Still on target for all my swim workouts.  My plan to build up my workouts is looking good, and I started out in January with 2000 yard workouts as my starting point.  While I did miss my last week of swim workouts, my overall yardage goal for the year has a bit of a cushion, so everything should still be good.  My pacing goals are a little tougher to gauge.  I don’t have my first race until June, so that pace goal will have to hang tight until then.  My 1:35/100yd set isn’t any closer right now.  1:46 was still my best 100 pace in January, but I’m still confident that my work will start to pay off soon.



0 out of 300 miles on Peggy the City Bike

0 out of 500 outdoor miles on Sadly Unnamed Road Bike

No Road Bike Skill work - one handed, drinking from water bottle, easy mounting/dismounting

No movement on these goals at all.  All my cycling in January was indoors.



17.84 out of 385 total miles

Track HR for all workouts - check

Build up to 7 mile long run (currently 1.62)

On target for all run goals so far.  Running will build up throughout the entire year and barring injuring I’m in a good place to make my goals.  I’ve also been wearing my HR monitor for all my runs, so that data is being tracked as well.


I’m setting milestones for February here as well.  In the pool, I’d like to get a 1:45/100 set.  If weather permits I’m going to go out on Peggy the City Bike to the farmer’s market.  My long run should build to 2.25 miles.  Vivaldi says, "Let’s go!"