Prep Week #9 In Review

Up until now, training has been singularly focused on getting me off the couch and building good habits for the future.  That means since May of 2015 I have been ever so slowly building from absolute scratch.  Learning to swim, getting over a fear of cycling, and bridging the gap from walking to running.


Astute readers who know my history may be questioning the statement of building from scratch, as I do indeed have three sprint triathlons under my race belt.  Sport has never been a cornerstone in my life, and all my previous triathlons were pulled together with a bare minimum of effort.  Not something I’m proud of, and also not a mistake I intend to repeat.  These last few months have been about me respecting the sports and myself far too much to phone this season in!


So, by the numbers, here’s how last week went:

Swim - MWF, 2:21:10, 6050 yds

A nice mix of workouts with 25s, 50s, and longer 300 sets.  I finally put together a few sets of descending 50s, which I’ve never managed to do before.  Previously I’ve only ever had one speed, but this week I was successful in pulling :01 off of each repeat when the plan called for descending.  Much success!

Continuing work on flip turns, primarily for two reasons.  One, when I was taking swim lessons, she rightly pointed out that practice is the only way these turns become automatic.  Two, because breathing at the wall is not as tiring, so the flip turns help me feel prepared for uninterrupted swims.


Bike - WF, 1:00:16

All on the stationary recumbent.  Just working with what I got in the winter!


Run - TRSu, 50:45, 4.25 miles

Took all of these workouts nice and easy.  I bumped up my weekend run to 18 minutes, prepping for week one of my 16 week sprint plan, which starts with 20 minutes.  My usual weekday runs are at 16 minutes right now.

I got a new pair of shoes and took them out for a spin on Sunday.  I got a few blisters, because I stupidly thought running without socks in new shoes would be a good idea.  Nothing major and they’ll be a-ok.  But I will be wearing socks until these break in, rest assured.


Strength - 2 sessions

I had an appointment at the REC center back in November to be taught how to use the machines.  I do 8 different exercises, one set, each station striving for 8-12 reps.  Each time I try for as heavy a weight as I can lift.  So far I’m seeing nice improvement, although since I started lifting over Thanksgiving/Christmas, I was pretty heavily powered by Christmas treats.  Now that I’m back to eating at a deficit, it will get more difficult.

I’m sure somewhere down the line I’ll want to do bodyweight work, or free weight work.  It seems the cool thing to do right now, doesn’t it?  But I like the machine room, and I’m still seeing nice improvement, so I’m happy to stay there until I reach a sort of stasis there.


Looking ahead, next week is the last prep week before official Sprint training starts.  Consistency at its best, I’m just lining em up, crossing em off, and building the base.