Reston Sprint Tri Week #1

I’ve had to look back and accept the fact that this was not the “Week 1” I wanted it to be.  Between the blizzard at the start and a whopper of a cold at the end, I got a grand total of three workouts in.  Three.  Out of the eleven I had planned.


One the one side, I wanted this week to be fantastic.  The first week of real tri training, and I wanted to knock it out of the park.  I know that these things happen, and it was bad luck to just be sick and have the blizzard at the same time.  But I also worry that perhaps I was using these as an excuse to not get the work done.  I have a history of skipping workouts and not being consistent.  I don’t want to believe in that anymore.  I want to be a person who has goals and puts in the work that needs to go towards them.

Deep down, I know that I needed to rest rather than push through and do the workouts.  For one thing, I did take Wednesday off due to my sore throat, and then I thought I was feeling a bit better on Thursday so I did a run.  It must have been too much, because I woke up Friday feeling much worse.


Yet here we the numbers:

Swim: 0 sessions.  

Monday the REC center was closed due to the blizzard, then Wednesday and Friday were sick days.  Swimming is probably my strongest discipline right now, but even still, taking a week out of the pool means the next swim day is going to feel rough.


Bike: 1 session, 24 minutes

Indoor stationary, like usual.  It was nice to knock this out on Monday when the storm cleanup was still happening.


Run: 2 sessions

On Tuesday I worked from home, so during my lunch break I went out for a glorious quick run.  It was fairly warm, and there was a fair amount of melting going on, but I still wore my ice cleats for the slick spots.

With the melting and freezing cycles, I wouldn't be able to run without my cleats!

With the melting and freezing cycles, I wouldn't be able to run without my cleats!

Thursday I swung by the REC after work and did a 16 minute run on the indoor track.  It was pretty fun, and I liked it better than a treadmill.  I think I may have pushed a bit much, since it was completely flat.

With so many skipped workouts, getting back into the swing of things next week will be tough.  No swimming and no strength training, and long workouts were skipped for both the bike and the run.  But I’m hoping that all the rest this weekend will mean I’ll be ready to get back into in with Week 2 starting on Monday.