Reston Sprint Tri Week #3

This week saw light snow, ice, and high water from quick melting.  This was the view out my office window for about an hour, before it all turned green again.

This week saw light snow, ice, and high water from quick melting.  This was the view out my office window for about an hour, before it all turned green again.

This past week was another volume build.  It also felt particularly good, because after the blizzard and being sick, I got all my workouts in.  After two weeks away, I also returned to strength training, which was tough in a good way.


Of note, I stretched after all my runs this week, and after one of my bike workouts.  I know some people are really into stretching, and some people aren’t.  I’ve never actually been big on stretching, and my flexibility is lacking, so it is something I’ve thought about adding more of lately.  I also foam rolled my calves for a few minutes.  Which is lame, I know.  My left calf has been niggly all week down between the muscle and the achilles.  While foam rolling hurts, it does seem to help me.  I should have made it a bigger priority and done a full body roll.


All in all, this was a nice week with some good workouts:


Swim: 3 workouts, 2:33:13, 6200 yards  

Monday’s swim had long rests, 100 pulls, descending 50s, a fast 300, and quite a few 75s.  I wasn’t happy with how my mind wandered during the 300, and want to have more focus during longer sets like that.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to have another 300 set, and that one had me doing 25 fast/75 smooth for the duration, and my focus was much better.  This 300 was also :17 seconds slower, but to be fair, it wasn’t supposed to be “fast” the way Monday’s was.  This workout also had some kicking and a bit of non-free sets, which I did as backstroke.

Friday I had the opportunity to have some 100 repeats, so I got to see how my times were looking.  I did three reps on :30 and they looked like this:




So that is inching down from last month!


Bike: 3 workouts, 1:55:49

Indoor stationary.  On Monday I did a hill program, Pike’s Peak.  Wednesday was an easier program, but longer, and Sunday was mostly resistence level 3 and longer time.  


Run: 3 workouts, 57:19, 4.9 miles

I ran outside for all the workouts this week, and it ranged from kind of cold, completely freezing cold and windy, and a bit cold and snowy.  Legs were feeling a bit heavy the day after strength training, but my times were all looking good.  My HR seems to be higher when I run outside, but considering outside has hills, I don’t think I should be surprised by that.

Friday evening was my long run of 24 minutes, which is the longest I’ve run outdoors in quite a long time.


Next week is the first step back week on the schedule, and I have mixed feelings about it.  I’m sure this is a great volume building plan that will get me where I want to be slowly and hopefully injury free.  On that score, I should follow it.  I also feel like I haven’t really put a lot of work in, so why do I need to step back?  But all the same, I’ll follow the plan.  Since the volume will be lower, I will focus on stretching and especially foam rolling this upcoming week.  I don’t really know what to think about strength training.  Should I step back there as well?  I’m just going to keep on keeping on and we’ll see what happens.  Here’s to step back weeks!