Currently - February 2016

January ended with a blizzard, then as February got underway I got a bad cold.  Fortunately it got better from there!

Getting ready to dig out Pilar the Fiat post-blizzard

Getting ready to dig out Pilar the Fiat post-blizzard




I have a serious earworm going on these last few days.  In the car twice in one day, on Pandora all the time, I can’t seem to escape “Stressed Out” by twenty one pilots.  I wasn’t an immediate embracer, but it grew on me.  Then I was loving it and rocking out whenever it came on, but now I’m kind of irritated by it.  So overplayed!  I just need it out of my head for a day, then I’ll miss it and be ready to love it again.



I just slightly tweaked this recipe for Savory Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with White Beans and Kale from The Kitchn and got four lunches for the week out of it.  I swapped out the kale for a kale/spinach/chard blend, and added in a can of tuna for added protein.  Also added yum factor!



Sleepy Hollow is in its third season, and it came back from winter hiatus.  The first season was the best, and the second season was pretty slow.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with the front half of season 3, but the two episodes I’ve seen since it came back have been good.  The Abbie/Ichabod chemistry is the main reason I watch this show, and it has been on point!

Marvel’s Agent Carter is back for season two.  Sadly, it seems to be following the theme of Sleepy Hollow where the magic just isn’t quite coming together after a fantastic freshman season.  I still love the characters, but it just isn’t holding my attention like before.  I do still recommend it though, as Peggy Carter is a kick ass character!



Valentine’s Day with J saw the exact same menu this year as last: perfect New York Strip with mushrooms, caramelized onion mashed potatoes, and peas.  We deviated on dessert, and this year J made a white chocolate bread pudding with custard from scratch.  Absolutely delicious, all around.  The dessert was so good that we dove right in, no time for pictures.



I haven’t gotten a really bad cold in about four years, so I guess I was due.  I was laid up in bed for quite a few days, but fortunately Vivaldi kept a good eye on me.