Reston Sprint Tri Week #4

First stepback week is over, and I think it went well.  After last week’s bragging about getting a lot of stretching in, I only stretched once this last week.  No foam rolling or yoga at all, either.  Seems like if I don’t have it on the plan, I don’t get it done.  I think for next week I’m going to actually schedule the stretching and rolling and see if that makes a difference in execution.  With all that said, this was a good week and I had plenty of fun.

This is my city bike.  Its a Linus Dutchi 8 and her name is Peggy.  I can't believe I got to ride her outside in February!

This is my city bike.  Its a Linus Dutchi 8 and her name is Peggy.  I can't believe I got to ride her outside in February!


This week’s totals:

Swim - 2:07:58, 4800 yards

Bike - 1:28:19, 20.96 miles

Run - 42:12, 3.64 miles



  • Snow day and a day off from work for President’s Day.  I skipped the pool, figuring I’ll get that in later in the week.
  • 29:03 on the stationary bike


  • Lots of melt and refreeze overnight meant an absolute ice rink early in the morning.  I headed to the apartment fitness center to hit the treadmill.  By the time I was headed to work, it was over 50 degrees!
  • 23:31 on the elliptical, waiting for a treadmill to open up
  • 14:01, 1.28 miles on the treadmill
  • Evening strength training


  • 45:05, 1600 yards in the pool.  Breaststroke focus day!
  • 29:04 on the stationary bike


  • 14:07, 1.16 miles.  My legs felt quite heavy for this run, and I tried to think about form to make sure I had a good run.  This is the second Thursday in a row my legs have felt heavy.
  • Post run STREEEEETCH
  • Evening strength training


  • 43:23, 1600 yards.  Backstroke focus day.  Trying to execute a backstroke flip turn with a pull buoy is hard.
  • 14:04, 1.2 miles.  This was after work and a great way to start the weekend.  14 minutes felt easy, and my HR was a bit lower as well.

Saturday: Rest Day


  • 30:12, 4.96 miles on Peggy the Dutchi bike.  So wonderful to ride outside and breathe some fresh air on the bike!  Climbing the hills was still tough, but I felt stronger.  Not necessarily faster, but not such a struggle.  Hurray!
  • 39:31, 1600 yards.  I did a mix of back/breast/and free for this workout.  I was doing a few sets of 100 free repeats, and managed a 1:41.4 for my last 100!  That’s over 4 seconds off my previous 100 yard PR!!


I was nervous about a stepback week so soon, but this worked out so great.  Between a run that felt easy, riding my bike outside, and getting a new swim PR, this week surpassed by expectations.  While I’m disappointed that I didn’t have such good focus for stretch and foam rolling, I have a plan to improve on that.  Stretch after every run.  Foam roll full body on Saturday, and calves as needed during the week.  All in all, I’m excited for how this first month has gone, and looking forward to week 5.

This squish face turned 11 on Monday.  Love her!

This squish face turned 11 on Monday.  Love her!