Reston Sprint Tri Week #5

This week had the same volume as Week 3, and while all the workouts got done,it was marked overall with fatigue.  I wasn’t sleeping well, and it impacted me for sure.  I had such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, and I would wake up quite a bit before my alarm each morning.  Such a bummer!  Some people seem to do well with little sleep.  I am not such a person, and am at my best when I get a full eight hours.  In fact, by the time Wednesday rolled around, I was pretty much over adulting and would have been quite happy to curl up in bed and eat cookie dough.  But that wouldn’t do, would it?  So the workouts got done, and each one is a deposit in my fitness bank.

Vivaldi's just pretending to sleep.  Sign of support, I guess?

Vivaldi's just pretending to sleep.  Sign of support, I guess?

This week’s totals:

Swim - 2:29:43, 6300 yards

Bike - 1:57:10, 26.72 miles

Run - 57:34, 4.79 miles


  • 52:13, 2100 yards in the pool.  Nothing record breaking this time. I could tell I was getting a bit sloppy during the end of the main set, and I had to really concentrate to make sure I was using my back and not my shoulders. Gotta keep that elbow up!
  • 29:02 on the stationary bike


  • 14:08, 1.16 miles running. It was a rainy morning, and I was comfortable in tights, a long sleeve tee, gloves, and my cap.  I kept trying to pull myself back because I felt like I was pushing too hard. My pace seemed a bit slower because of that, obviously, but my HR was higher than what I’d been seeing last week.
  • Post-run stretch.  Those toes are getting close!
  • Evening strength training was tough in a good way.  It's getting harder to add weight. I've finally gotten to where I have to work for every rep!


  • 50:26, 2100 yards in the pool.  This was, for no particular reason, an exhausting swim. I felt tired during warm up, had trouble keeping my focus during the main set, and couldn't wait for cool down. I felt pretty tired getting ready this morning as well, so maybe I just carried all that tired energy onto the pool deck?
  • 38:03 on the stationary bike


  • 19:04, 1.53 miles running.  It was a breezy 45, so I wore tights, a long sleeve tee, and gloves. I tried so hard to back off for this run. I got the HR a bit lower, and generally felt relaxed.
  • Post run stretch.
  • Evening strength training.  I'm trying to focus on form, and only lift as long as I can maintain good form. It’s so hard for the upper body stuff!


  • 47:04, 2100 yards.  I was still so tired, and this workout is always hard, but I went into it knowing that I wanted to work. I started out with some descending 50s, and managed to get 56.7, 55.5, 52.5, and 51.6.  I'm glad I started out slow enough, but I'd like to work towards seeing at least the last one of those drop below 50 seconds. I know I can do it!   My main set included 3x [200 with :20, 4x50 with :10] and I was really happy that my pace stayed pretty consistent across all three times. I've struggled before with really slowing down, and at around the 1600 yard mark I could feel my back starting to get tired. So happy that I kept my focus and executed well.
  • 24:22, 2.1 miles.  Long run day was 35 and crazy windy. I wore tights, long sleeve tee, and my vest, but I should have worn gloves and a buff. My ears and hands were so cold!  This run felt hard because of the weather and an upset stomach, but running wise it was okay. The hills are hard, but not unmanageable, and while I felt a little bit gaspy, I think that was more because I was trying to run fast to warm up.


  • Rest Day


  • 50:05, 8.32 miles on Peggy the Dutchi bike.  Sunny and slightly cool to start, and it warmed up very quickly. I got onto the W&OD and went further East than I ever have before! I think this may be my longest non-stop ride on Peggy, since usually I just ride to the market or something.  The hills felt a bit tougher today than they did last week, but still a gorgeous day outside!
On this gorgeous day, Peggy took me through Falls Church and into Arlington on the W&OD

On this gorgeous day, Peggy took me through Falls Church and into Arlington on the W&OD

Last week I had plans to increase my stretching and foam rolling.  I did stretch a bit more, but not as much as I had set out to.  Foam rolling on Saturday also didn’t happen!  Ugh!  I’m not going to beat myself about this, but I am going to expect better consistency from myself in the future.  Other than that, Week 5 was mentally tough and I was happy to get through it.  Week 6, here I come!