training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 7

This week was had a couple rough patches, but overall went well.  My volume ticked up again, and we had some beautiful weather.  I did feel a bit tired during some of my workouts, and mid-week I developed some back pain, which was a bummer.  Fortunately, the back pain mostly seemed to flare up when I was sitting still, rather than during workouts.  And, spoiler alert, I got to end on a bright note by taking my road bike out for the first time!

This week, Pool time = pain free time

This week, Pool time = pain free time

This week’s totals:

Swim - 2:29:14, 6600 yards

Bike - 2:27:17, 32.72 miles

Run - 1:09:35, 5.75 miles  


  • 49:56, 2200 yard swim.  This was a challenging workout, with a lot of pulling. I'm not really sure how it happened, but it seems when I picked out my workouts for March, I didn't realize so many of them had a lot of pulling. Anyway, I had a set of pull descending 100s that I did successfully. I also had three sets of 25 fast/25 easy/kick for :15 at the wall.  I managed to do well with the first two, but the last time there was no difference between my fast and easy. I was tired by that point, and the whole "kick for :15 at the wall" was making everything feel tough. Since that part of the workout was so tiring, I swam my last set of 300 fairly slow. I focused on having good form, and didn't worry about speed.
  • 35:03 on the stationary bike.  This was a Rolling Hills program, and I felt my quads working, but not too hard.


  • Morning strength training.  This was the start of a string of warm days here in the DMV, and I swapped my run this day to the evening to take advantage of it.  Strength training in the morning makes me feel so weak!
  • 17:07, 1.42 miles running.  75+ degrees and sunny, which meant I brought out the shorts, tshirt, and sunscreen. I was worried I would feel hot, but it was just nice and warm. I focused on staying smooth going up the hills, and landing soft coming down. I did feel thirsty, which surprised me for such a short run.
  • Post-run stretch.  I paid lots of attention to my inner thighs and outer/upper butt/hips. I don't know what that is, but it always needs a good stretch!


  • This is the morning that I woke up with an ache in my right mid-back.
  • 49:04, 2200 yards in the pool.  At one point during this swim, I consoled myself by saying, "hey, it's okay, Monday mornings are always rough," before remember it was Wednesday.   I wasn’t hitting my 50s descending, then my right goggle filled up on the third repeat, so that one came in a few seconds slower than the rest.  I had a set of [3x (200 and 4x50)] and looking back, my 200s were slower each time, while my 50s stayed pretty consistent. Next time I do this workout I'll focus on pacing for the 200s.
  • 46:03 on the stationary bike.  My back was not feeling good, so I did an easy resistance program but still wound up feeling wiped. I was clock watching the whole time.


  • 23:07, 1.85 miles running.  I headed out in the morning to mid 50s and a beautiful sunrise. I'm too lazy to put on sunscreen so early in the morning, so went with longish shorts swiped from J and a long sleeved tee. I felt tired and really didn't feel like I was moving until a mile in, which I found hilarious for a run less than two miles. Other than that, I felt good during this run. No pain in my back, and my calves felt good.
  • Post run stretch.
  • As I sat at my desk at work my back felt worse and worse, so I skipped strength training.  Instead Vivaldi got a walk in the beautiful sunshine.


  • 50:14, 2200 yards swimming. This was a new workout for me, and I liked it. I thought at first I wouldn't do flip turns because of my back, but once I got in the water I felt great, so went ahead and did them gently.  Lots of 50s today: I had sailboat drill...holy abs!  Then ankle buoy...holy everything!  Got my descending 50 set, although nothing was particularly fast. And as for my 4x50 strong, I'm not sure how "strong" :53-:55 seconds is, but considering all of these were on a measly :10 rest, I think it was a great workout. And no back pain, which was lovely.
  • 29:21, 2.48 miles.  70 and partly cloudy for long run day, which means shorts, tech tee, and sunscreen.  The weather was so nice, and I felt so good during this run. I was really working up the hills, so I could feel it in my calves, but in a good way. Sadly, my feet decided to rain on the parade, and the sole of my left foot has four new blisters.  I did nothing different! Come on, skin, why you gotta be this way?


  • Rest Day
  • I popped in my Gaiam AM yoga DVD, and Rodney Yee and I greeted the morning together.
  • J picked up the road bike from the shop, and I took it for a quick spin around the apartment complex to make sure everything felt good for Sunday’s long ride.


W&OD trail in Arlington.  Not the prettiest section of the trail, but it is another milestone for Furthest East I've ever ridden

W&OD trail in Arlington.  Not the prettiest section of the trail, but it is another milestone for Furthest East I've ever ridden

  • 1:01:11, 11.22 miles, 441 feet of gain on the road bike.  It was 55 degrees, cloudy, and it kept sort-of-but-not-really-sprinkling. I don't really have much in the way of cycling clothes, so I went with capris, a long sleeved tee, and my vest. Up top I felt pretty comfy, maybe a little bit warm on the neck, but other than that perfect. Down below...oh my. I own cycling shorts, but I thought I’d be cold, and that I wouldn’t really notice not having the padding.  Ha!  That was a mistake!  My top speed was 24 mph, and the few times I glanced at my speed while riding it was in the 13-15 mph range, so I'm surprised by the 11 pace for overall. I guess I didn't realize how much I slow down while climbing, not to mention all the slowing/stopping for road crossings.  Also, I'm really spoiled from having an internal hub on my other bike, so I have to get used to planning ahead for the gear changes.  All in all, I'd say I'm slightly let down from how much my lady bits were hurting, and disappointed that I don't have a massive speed increase to brag about. But at least this means I have plenty of room for improvement!

Week 7 had a couple of little milestones that I found fun.  For instance, my long run was almost 30 minutes, and my long ride was an hour.  I don’t know why exactly, but I find that satisfying.  Also, my medium ride and run this week were longer/further than my long ones were at Week 1.  Funny how that kind of progress sneaks up on you, isn’t it?  Next week is a step-back week.  Last time, I was feeling good about how “easy” my runs in particular felt, so I’m interested to see if I get that feeling again.  Clocks switched on Sunday, so we’re now on EDT, meaning it's a little bit darker in the morning until spring catches on, and the sunset is later.  I wonder how that will be for workouts.  Anybody else feel like the jet lag from Daylight Savings Time last way too long?