checking in on: February Goals

Even with an extra Leap Day, February seemed to be over in a blink.  I can’t believe it’s already time to check in on yearly goals and monthly milestones.  Of course, I already know how I did, since I’m obsessed with charts and graphs, but here it is written down:



43,650 out of 325,000 total yards

2100 out of 3000 yard workouts

Average sub 2:00/100yd in races

Get a 1:35/100yd set in a workout (best = 1:41.4)

Dori would be proud, as last month I just kept swimming.  My overall volume is looking good, since I plan to build my monthly volume as the year continues.  Speaking of building, my workouts during build weeks increased last month to 2100 yards.  Right on target!  Still no racing until June, so still the race pace goal has to wait.  My training goal got some serious traction, though.  I actually got a 1:45/100 earlier in the month, then knocked out a 1:41.4 on February 21st when doing a set of 4 100s descending.  Very exciting!

Look at that! I thought it would take so much longer to see that kind of interval!

Look at that! I thought it would take so much longer to see that kind of interval!



13.28 out of 300 miles on Peggy the City Bike

0 out of 500 outdoor miles on Sadly Unnamed Road Bike

No Road Bike Skill work - one handed, drinking from water bottle, easy mounting/dismounting

The last two weekends of February were glorious.  Sunny and 60s one weekend, and mid 50s the other.  I took Peggy out for my long bike rides, rather than for market trips.  Such fun, and I feel a bit stronger on the hills as well.  They’re still hard, but not quite as bad as I’m remembering them from the fall.  I am starting to wonder if my goal of 300 miles on Peggy was a bit lofty.  Doing the math, it looks like I may need to take her out every single weekend to the Farmer’s Market from now until November to get that mileage.  But hey, at least it’s something to stretch for.



34.68 out of 385 total miles

Track HR for all workouts - check

Build up to 7 mile long run (currently 2.12)

Running in coming along well so far.  I’m feeling good and haven’t had the usual shin splits or foot pain that I experienced the last time I tried to build up my run.  Sometimes if feels crazy to have a “long run” of 2.12 miles, but as long as I’m running pain free, I’ll take this slow build.


Last time I set the following milestones for February: get a 1:45/100 set in the pool, bike Peggy to the Farmer’s Market once, and build my long run to 2.25 miles.  Obviously swimming went great, and the weather cooperated to allow me to get out on my bike twice, but I missed my run goal by 0.13 miles.  I can’t say I’m particularly upset about missing the run goal.  It was a bit arbitrary, and I got the scheduled minutes in, my pace just wasn’t fast enough to cover the distance.  I’m sure I’ll get there.

March is going to be a big one, and I’m ready to work hard.  In the pool, I’d like to see not only a sub 1:41/100yd set, but also a sub 0:47/50yd set.  Biking is about switching over to the road bike.  I’d like to get the road bike tuned up and start getting my weekend long ride in on it instead of Peggy.  At least one outdoor ride on it before the end of the month!  As for running, I think 2.5 miles for the long run is reasonable.  March: in like a lion!  ROAR!

image source: pixabay

image source: pixabay