training review: Reston Sprint Triathlon Week 9

Week 9 has the same volume as 7, so I was able to head into this training week with a bit of a “been there, done that” kind of attitude.  I had some stomach trouble on Friday and skipped my swim that day, but other than that I felt like I had a strong week.  The weather was quite nice, and what little rain we had didn’t give me any trouble.  

Easter morning on the bike trail.

Easter morning on the bike trail.

This week’s totals:

Swim - 1:37:07, 4200 yards

Bike - 2:20:01, 33.55 miles

Run - 1:10:06, 5.97 miles  


  • 45:35, 2000 yard swim.  I need to do a better job of counting, because this was supposed to be a 2200 workout, but I only got to 2000. Also a lot of pulling again, so clearly I am just picking strange workouts.  But anyway, I had some 50 race sets that were tough, but I did manage a 49.9 for one of them. The rest were about 50, except for the two where I missed my turn and wound up with 53. Between my 50s I had sets of 300, and I could feel myself getting tired during the last one.  Overall this was a fun workout and a good way to start the week!
  • 35:05 on the stationary bike. I did the Pyramid workout, which is a hard one, and I tried to keep that cadence high.


  • 17:06, 1.42 miles running. What? 35 degrees and dark? I had to drag out my thicker tights, long sleeved tee, vest, gloves, and buff. It wasn't bad, I just like to pretend to be shocked at Spring in DC.  My hammies had started feeling tired Monday night, and sure enough they were a little tired/sore this morning, too. I started out gently and once I was warm I felt really good and was reminding myself to slow down and relax.
  • Post-run stretch.  
  • Evening strength training.  I did my usual machines, but have decided not to go back to the ab and back ones.  Instead, I did planks, side planks, side leg raises, and single leg glute bridges as my core work. I was feeling kind of weak, but focused on form, and remain confident that all this work will pay off. My legs were feeling really sore before the workout, but felt so much better after..


  • 51:32, 2200 yards in the pool.  This was a new workout for me, and I picked it specifically because it has catch up drill.  I dislike catch up drill, so I figure I should probably do more of it and get better. I had some sets of 25 fast/25 easy that were pretty bang on at :26/:28 so it's nice to see that not only do I have two speeds, but consistency!  For my strong 100 repeats, I was hoping to see some good numbers, but turned in nothing spectacular: 1:49.8, 1:50.6, 1:47.9. I wonder where all that speed I had last month went? My best times were from an afternoon swim, so maybe I'll swim some weekend and see if that makes a difference. That's certainly important to know since most races are early in the morning, and I don't want to make pace assumptions based on afternoon times.
  • 46:03 on the stationary bike.  Since my legs were feeling sore, I kept resistance low and spun them out. My hip flexors need a good stretch, and I should foam roll, but I'm so glad I did this workout.


  • 23:43, 2.01 miles running.  It was 50 degrees, I went with tights, longsleeved tee, and my head lamp. I probably would have preferred shorts and a tee, but didn't have anything clean. It was a beautiful morning, and I took it outside of the apartment complex. So many trees and flowers blooming! My legs felt nice...pretty good for a morning. HR was a bit high, but this route has more climbing, so that makes sense. (149 ft gain today vs 22 ft when I stay in the apt complex)
  • Post run stretch.
  • Evening Strength training.  Kept all my weights the same.  My mid-back is still twingy, so I don’t want to increase weight just yet.  Besides, it's still hard!


  • Woke up with my GI tract very upset.  No swim for me!  I thought I’d have to call out sick, but a long hot shower had me feeling tolerable.  As the day went on I felt better and better.
  • 29:17, 2.54 miles running.  Sunny and beautifully warm, so I went with shorts, a long sleeved tee, visor and sunglasses. #sunsafe  I got some more blistering on the sole of my left foot, but nothing too bad. I felt good for this whole run, although I do wonder if I was working a bit too hard. Maybe I should be slowing down and not letting my HR get so high? I can't really converse at the speed I run, but I'm not gasping, either. Who knows? Maybe I run hard on Fridays because I want to put the work week behind me!


  • Rest Day
  • No training, but I took a leisurely walk to the grocery store and back, stopping to take plenty of pictures of all the lovely flowers and blooming trees.


  • 58.53, 11.85 miles, 491 feet of gain on the road bike.  My schedule called for 58 minutes, same as two weeks ago. My plan was to try to go a little bit further than I did on that day, but still make it back in time. Success! It was still a bit colder than I would have liked...upper 40s, so I went with my bike shorts, longsleeved tee, vest, and gloves. The bad: My hands ached a little bit; my nether regions are toughening up, but I think there's an unpleasant seam in my shorts causing some issues; and if the trail has this many people on it now, it is going to be crazy when the weather's nice, and some people have no trail etiquette.  The good: I had fun! Since I was doing the same route as two weeks ago, I could focus on riding instead of wondering where I was, and that was a wonderful. More things are in bloom, so there's plenty of beautiful scenery to take in.. Shifting still isn't second nature or anything, but it's coming along.  The milestone: I dropped my chain! That’s a first for me, and wow, it sure brings you to an abrupt stop. I don't think I was doing anything wrong (cross-chaining or anything like that) so I don't know why it happened. I guess sometimes it just does? Anyway,after a could minutes and a few tries, I got the chain back on, and got going again.  Overall this was a fun ride, and every time I go out I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable on the bike.
First time dropping my chain, but everything was a-ok!

First time dropping my chain, but everything was a-ok!

In addition to workouts, I had a few little changes this week.  I got a new Camelbak Chill water bottle, predominantly for use on the bike.  So far so good, with the only minor annoyance being that since the bottle isn’t clear I can tell at a glance how much I have left.  I like the mouthpiece and squeeze action for drinking, and it washes up easily.  I also made a switch to my eating plan.  I track my calories on MyFitnessPal, and have been successful in losing a bit over forty pounds since January 2015.  Although I’ve spent a few periods in that time, especially around holidays and such, eating at maintenance, for the most part I was eating with an aim to lose one pound per week.  Now that I’m within twenty-five pounds of my goal, I’m finding the daily caloric deficit a bit harder to manage.  I’ve been tired and a bit cranky, so starting last Monday I changed my deficit to have me lose only half a pound a week.  I’ll check back in a few weeks to see how that’s going.  And that brings us to the end of the week.  Here we go, into another volume build!