training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 6

Week 6 was a volume build, and I saw not only longer workout times in biking and running, but with the start of March I increased my swims to 2200 yards.  Last week’s sleeping troubles continued to follow me, which led to some tough mornings.  Rough days at work and sluggish evenings too, truth be told.  I felt exhausted, but my head space was wound tight and I couldn’t fall or stay asleep.  I ended up taking a sleep aid on Friday night, which made for a grogginess that lasted the entirety of Saturday.  Fortunately I slept well and unassisted Saturday night, and woke up Sunday feeling good.  I hope I’m leaving that stretch of poor sleep behind me.

This week’s totals:

Swim - 2:39:16, 6500 yards

Bike - 2:07:10, 35.2 miles

Run - 1:03:46, 5.36 miles  


  • 53:54, 2100 yards in the pool.  Lots of pulling at the beginning, so I focused on that high elbow and engaging the lats. Then I tried to carry that feeling over to the rest of the workout. I had a successful set of 4 descending 50s: 54.8, 52.6, 49.6, and 47.6.  I knew I could hit the 40s if I tried! (Also, that last rep at 47.6 is the magic pace of 1:35/100) I had a 300 set that was supposed to be fast, so I pushed and was comfortably uncomfortable the whole time, bringing it together in 5:33.2 - a pace of 1:51. Not bad. Not bad at all for a Monday morning!
  • 32:02 on the stationary bike.  Focused during this workout, kept my mind present, and felt a lot better for it.


  • 16:06, 1.37 miles running.  40 and gorgeous! It felt like spring out there, and it was light outside!! I was comfy in capris, a long sleeved tee, and gloves. My left calf was just a little tight, but not painful. Took me a little to warm up, but once I was going, I felt good. HR still hanging out at about 160...not sure if that's too high? I still can't run far enough for a LTR test, so I'm just going to keep on doing what I'm doing.
  • Post-run stretch.  
  • Evening strength training.  The leg press is so hard; each rep is tough, and I was sweating when I was done with the set. It was easier to keep my form on the lat raise, and that one has always been the hardest for me.


  • 50:26, 2200 yards in the pool.  There's not a lot to say about this workout except that it got done. I did not want to be out of bed this morning, much less in the water, so I'm surprised I had such consistent times. I had sets of 50s that were supposed to be 25 fast/25 easy.  They weren’t exactly blazing, but I did have noticeably different speeds.  That’s something I couldn’t do a few months ago.  My 3x100s strong was, again, consistent. 1:51 or thereabouts for each one, so not fast, but they all came together. I should count this workout as a win. It got done, it was consistent, and I have multiple swimming speeds. Hurray?
  • 42:04 on the stationary bike.  Mount Hood program….yikes, that one is tough!


  • 21:06, 1.74 miles running.  It was 30ish degrees and beautiful! I wore tights, a long sleeved tee, vest, gloves, and my buff. It wasn't just light, I actually saw the sun during this run. Everything felt good, but I wish I had gone outside the apartment's getting boring doing loops. Kept it nice and easy!
  • Post run stretch.
  • Evening strength training.  My leg press felt a lot easier today...perhaps because I was working in with a trio of high school boys, and I felt the need to prove that my 35-year-old self was working hard and taking names? Whatever it was, it worked!


It snowed overnight Friday, but the roads stayed clear and it all melted by lunch.  It made for a pretty start to the day, though!

It snowed overnight Friday, but the roads stayed clear and it all melted by lunch.  It made for a pretty start to the day, though!

  • 54:56, 2200 yards swimming.  I don't think I had realized when I picked this workout how much pulling it had. Or how much kicking! I don't mind either, especially when paired together like that, but my last set was a 400 that was supposed to be race pace - quite the ask after that much kicking.  I had an average pace for the 400 of 1:54/100, so I certainly hope that isn't my race pace. I know I can do better than that! 
  • 26:34, 2.25 mile run.  Long run day was 35 degrees, partly cloudy and featured a bit of breeze. I was comfortable in tights, a long sleeved tee, gloves, and my buff.  I headed out of my complex and took it easy up the hill, then it was a net downhill until the turnaround. That means mostly climbing on the way home.  It wasn't easy, but I still felt relaxed. My left calf did feel like it was being stretched out or was tight towards the end. It wasn’t painful..I’m not really sure how to describe it. The final minute I pushed a bit more and finished feeling good.
  • Post run stretch!  Previously I had been skipping the stretch after my long run in favor of rushing to the shower and then dinner.  Not this time!


  • Rest Day


  • 53:04 on the stationary bike.  There was some rain overnight into Sunday morning, and the temps were only in the 30s, so inside it was. 

While my mental outlook wasn’t particularly positive for Week 6, looking back at in on paper, I can say that I’m quite pleased with my efforts.  That’s a good argument for logging workouts, isn’t it?  It helps cut through all the emotional junk and let’s me see the real payoff.  Next week is another build, actually peak week for month two of the program.  Added to that, we’re supposed to have three days in a row with temperatures in the 70s!  Now that I’m sleeping better, I'm excited for Week 7.