training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 11

If you saw my last post, you know J and I said goodbye to Vivaldi last Thursday.  It was an emotionally draining week, and I used my workouts as sweat-therapy.  It was supposed to be a peak weak for Month 3, but I did miss a couple sessions.  Here’s how things shaped up:

This week’s totals:

Swim - 1:46:37, 4650 yards

Bike - 1:38:07, 29.62 miles

Run - 1:20:32, 7.23 miles  


  • Swim - 53:16, 2300 yards

200 choice warm up

4x150 :30 (50 kick, 100 swim build)

4x25 :10 (fingertip drag drill & fist drill)

4x150 :30 (as 50 free/50 non-free/50 free)

4x25 :10 descending

4x150 pull :30 (easy/medium/strong)

100 cool down

This was exhausting! I felt like I was gasping for air the whole time, missed a bunch of turns, and generally would like another shot at doing this workout. I didn't do so bad on the descending 25s: 26.3, 26.3, 24.3, 23.3. Plus I totally missed my watch button on the second one, so I think that was likely faster.

  • Trainer Ride - 42:04  

Did this one watching Once Upon a Time. Big sweatfest, middle and big ring. I was in my cheap bike shorts, and they are not nearly as comfy as the thinner pad of my Zoot trisuit.


  • Run - 21:09, 1.71 miles

I woke up to 32 degrees with a wind chill in the teens! I went with tights, a long sleeved tee, vest, gloves, and buff. I kept it to the apartment complex since my brain wasn't really awake and I just wanted to run on autopilot. I felt super slow and removed this morning.

  • Strength Training

My knee was aching from where I banged it into a wall last weekend.  On the bright side, my lifts were feeling tough, but focused.


  • Swim - 53:21, 2350 yards

500 choice warm up

5x150 pull :30 (breathe 3/5/3 by 50)

5x200 swim :45

100 cool down

This workout was simple to look at, but hard to execute. In particular, I knew those repeating 200s were going to be a challenge, so I didn't push at the beginning of the workout. My 200s went like this: 3:49.9, 3:50.8, 3:47.9, 3:51.6, 3:47.5. Not super consistent, and I do think I could have pushed harder.

  • I skipped my scheduled bike ride. There was no real reason for me to skip it, since the bike was right there on the trainer like it has been. I could have put Vivaldi on the bed right next to me, and we could have happily watched some tv together. But I didn't. I just sad there on the couch, too drained to even consider it.


  • Run - 28:25, 2.36 miles

Mid 50s and it started raining less than a mile in. I went with tights, a long sleeved tee, and cap. I also tried out my new SPIbelt, so I can have my phone and keys with me when I run. Comfy and no bounce!  Everything felt good.

  • Trainer Ride - 56:03

After the sudden loss of Vivaldi, this was my sweat therapy.  I wanted to stay on the couch, but J told me to get on the bike and get it done.  As usual, he was right.


  • Unscheduled Rest Day.  I didn’t swim or get my long bike ride in.  Instead J and I sat on the couch, watched tv, and ate gelato.


  • Scheduled Rest Day


  • Heroes vs Villains 5k - 30:50, 3.1 miles

I’ll do a separate Race Report, but the short version is: cold, sunny, negative splits.  Great day!

I have very few closing thoughts on training to share from this week.  I wish I hadn’t missed my long ride, but I know my fitness can handle it.  The 5k went great, and I’m glad that I got a sweet end to an otherwise sad week.  Next I’ve got a step back in volume, and my intention is to use this time to regroup and reset my focus.