training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 12

Week 12 was a step back week, and my hope was that I would use it to recuperate from the 5k race, as well as to refocus my mind.  I’ve been having a hard time since Vivaldi died.  In fact, her passing is impacting me so much more than I thought it would.  I’m not sleeping well, I’m not eating well, and I’ve been having to talk myself into doing workouts.  All I seem to want to do is sleep and eat cookies.  Since she was such a chowhound, it’s been a joke between J and I that “this is what Vivaldi would have wanted,” but now that a week has gone by, I just feel sluggish.  Plus, I’ve eaten enough sugary snacks that my teeth feel like they have a permanent fuzzy coating.  Ick!l  All wasn’t lost, though, and I got some good work done this week.

My totals:

Swim - 1:42:47, 5100 yards

Bike - 1:26:54, 22.57 miles

Run - 1:08:56, 5.7 miles


  • Swim - 34:50, 1700 yards

I did this as a straight swim. Not really sure why, I just felt like I wanted to swim non stop free, so I did. I did a couple flip turns at the beginning, but my back is a bit achy from yesterday's race, so I switched to open turns. I started slow and kept it easy the whole time. I got a little bit slower in the second half, but not by more than a second or so for each length. I could have gone faster, and I absolutely could have gone that same speed for longer or continued on to ride or run. Cool to know!

  • Trainer Ride - 42:08  

I didn't want to get on the bike because I was so sore from Sunday’s race. Glad I did! This ride flushed my legs out and I feel much better. Spin spin spin in the middle ring, no big effort. I thought about form and trying to support and activate my core.


  • Run - 21:25, 1.75 miles

62 degrees and it started to lightly rain as I headed out. I went with fitted shorts, a longsleeved tee, and my cap. Between the rain and the newly laid mulch, it smelled like springtime! My hamstrings and calves wanted no part of this run, but I took it slow and stayed in the apt complex so I didn't have to deal with elevation. Still sore, but once I got through the first mile I was feeling much better.

retired my old Vivo Stealths after the 5k and ran for the first time in these new ones

retired my old Vivo Stealths after the 5k and ran for the first time in these new ones

  • Post run Stretch
  • Strength Training

Lower body went well, but seated row and inclined chest press were feeling challenging.


  • Swim - 33:53, 1700 yards

Just keep swimming!  Another non stop free, mostly because I couldn't be bothered to think of a recovery workout. I paused around 850 yards to see where I was, then again around 1250 yards to adjust my swim cap. Open turns since my back didn't want to flip turn.


  • Run - 21:11, 1.76 miles

Not quite 40 degrees, calm, and getting bright again in the mornings! I wore fitted long shorts, a longsleeved tee, and gloves. I probably could have gone without the gloves, but for such a short run I was happy with them. I ran again in the apartment complex, since I was still feeling it in my hammies and calves. I knew I pushed hard at the race, but I didn't realize it would stay with me all week!

  • Post run Stretch

Can’t get enough of firelog pose.  So nice!

  • Strength Training

Oof, that upper body work continues to be difficult this week.


  • Swim - 34:04, 1700 yards

Rounded out this week with another straight swim. I really enjoyed just zoning out on a Friday morning, listening to the aqua aerobic music, and getting some laps in. No time, no intervals, not hugely out of breath. Just me, the water, some golden oldies, and a nice start to the day.  That being said, I am feeling ready to start back up with the regularly scheduled swims come next week.

The music from the water aerobics class was on point this day.

The music from the water aerobics class was on point this day.

  • Run - 21:04, 1.7 miles

Mid-upper 60s and sunny, and I did this run in shorts, a long sleeved tee, hat, and shades. Blah, this run was crap. My calves felt tight and progressed to ouchie by the time I was done. They never loosened up, and then I got into my own head, thinking about how much it sucked to be having a bad run on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Whatever, sometimes you have to have a bad one.


  • Bike - 44:46, 8.89 miles

Handling drills and a little ride in the sunshine. I went to an empty parking lot and went round and round, working on being able to ride one handed. I saw some improvement in the short time I worked on it.  There was a moment of excitement when I managed to get my water bottle out of the cage, then there was some despair as I had to hang on to it for another loop since I got nervous and couldn’t let go again.  (I did finally get the bottle back into the cage.)  After 20 minutes of drills, I headed into the neighborhood adjacent to the office building I was practicing in. It was lovely, and the streets were quiet. I did not want to go out, and had almost convinced myself to just get a "good" workout in on the trainer, but I’m so glad I went outside. I still have plenty of fear around riding outside, but this ride had me feeling good about getting over those fears and improving!

First brick of the season?  Sounds like a an excuse for Reese's to me!

First brick of the season?  Sounds like a an excuse for Reese's to me!

  • Run - 5:16, .49 miles

This was a mini transition run after the bike ride.  I felt like my heartrate was all over the place, and perhaps I was running too fast.  But that’s the point of a brick workout, isn’t it?  Getting used to the feeling of running off the bike.


Unscheduled Rest Day.  I should have gotten another bike ride in, and the weather was certainly beautiful.  Instead I went for a walk.

I think I want to shuffle around my scheduled workout days. I didn’t realize when I started out this plan, but 16 weeks of scheduled training is a long time for a Sprint.  Not to mention, since I was trying to juggle around a June Sprint then build to a September Olympic, I had to add a couple weeks to the plan.  I just finished week 12, and I’m still a full 7 weeks out from my race.  That’s a 19 week training cycle!  It might as well be an eternity…

As I head into Week 13, I’m going to make some changes to my schedule.  Shake things up a bit, and also try to inject a bit more “happy” into things.  Having a full day of scheduled rest doesn’t make a ton of sense to me right now.  I just wind up feeling sleepy all day.  Instead, I’m going to have a swim only day for active recovery.  I’m also going to eliminate a weekday ride on the trainer, instead counting my rides on Peggy to the Farmer’s Market as time in the saddle.  That has me looking like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Swim Short Run Swim Medium Run Swim City Bike Ride Long Ride
Strength Trainer Ride Strength Long Run -or- Walk

I’m looking forward to trying this schedule out for a few weeks.  I hope that having a light day on Monday after the weekend gives me a feeling of rest, while still getting me up and going as the week starts.  Tuesday through Friday is the same as it has always been.  Saturday had previously had nothing scheduled, but now I have City Bike time actually scheduled in, with a Walk as the alternative in poor weather, holding me accountable for getting something done.  I’m looking at Saturdays as a cross-training day, since the muscles used on Peggy are so different than the road bike.  I don’t know if this will work, but I need a change.  I’ll give this three weeks, and reevaluate then.  Here goes!