checking in on: March Goals

I say it each time, but wow, this month went by fast!  Time to check on the yearly and monthly goals and see what kind of progress is happening.  Let’s get right into it:


68,150 out of 325,000 total yards

2200 out of 3000 yard workouts

Average sub 2:00/100yd in races

Get a 1:35/100yd set in a workout (best on 2/21/2016 = 1:41.4)

Swimming in March wasn’t bad, but I’m finding myself frustrated nonetheless.  My total yardage for the year is plugging along nicely, and my workouts for March bumped up to 2200 yards.  Looking at pacing goals, obviously still no racing yet, so nothing there.  Training pace goals...well I had no movement in March.  Granted, February’s progress was exceptional, but I’m also chalking this up to me not choosing challenging enough workouts.  Too many times I would get in the pool and just go through the motions.  In April I need to focus on picking workouts that challenge me mentally and physically so I can get the progress I want.


20.92 out of 300 miles on Peggy the City Bike

29.26 out of 500 outdoor miles on Sadly Unnamed Road Bike

No Road Bike Skill work - one handed, drinking from water bottle, easy mounting/dismounting

I told myself that once spring hit I was going to do Sunday long rides outside on my road bike.  As such, I’ve managed to start chipping away at my road bike mileage goal, and I feel confident that I’ll be making good progress on that from now on.  Skill work, on the other hand, needs to be addressed.  I found some drills online to help me with my handling, but I didn’t begin practicing any of them in March.  Peggy only came out to play once last month, and my 300 mile goal for her seems like it might be slipping away.  That being said, I’m not giving up!  I intend to ride to the farmer’s market whenever I’m going there, and we’ll see where that gets me.  I did try riding Peggy one Saturday, followed by the road bike Sunday, but when Monday’s scheduled ride came around, my butt was having none of it.  I think I need to work up to being able to handle that much time in the saddle.


59.79 out of 385 total miles

Track HR for all workouts - check

Build up to 7 mile long run (currently 2.54)

Running is going well.  My calves have felt a bit tight, so I’ve been paying extra attention to stretching and making sure to put foam rolling on the schedule.  Beyond a bit of soreness the day after long runs, I haven’t had any pain or injuries, which is exciting!

My March goals were to have a sub 1:41/100yd set and a sub 0:47/50yd set for swimming, tune up the road bike and ride outside at least once, and build my long run to 2.5 miles.  Swimming was a miss, as I didn’t even match my times from February, much less better them.  Fortunately I made up for it with good results on the bike and run.  I went out for three rides on the road bike, and built to a 2.54 mile long run.  You can’t expect to hit all your goals every time, otherwise they’re too easy, right?

We’re sitting in the first week of April now, and I feel like this is going to be a good month.  I’m going to make it a good month.  As an aside, I want to point out that I do have a race in April, but I’ll be doing a separate series of posts covering my expectations, goals, and results for it.  So here we go, April goals: In the pool, I’m repeating my goals from March, so a sub 1:41/100yd set, and a sub 0:47/50yd set.  I’m hesitant to set any kind of pace or distance goal for biking, because I think that will have me focusing on the wrong things. Instead my goal is to have at least three sessions of bike drills.  We should start having early morning light again, so my plan is to take the road bike to the school parking lot and work on my handling skills.  Running should see a long run of 3.25.  Outside of the three disciplines, I will foam roll at least once a week.  And one last little thing...I know April showers is a very real thing in this area.  I won’t let that stop me.  Only heavy rain or otherwise dangerous conditions will keep me off my bike.  I’m not made of sugar, so a little bit of rain will only help me learn to ride in it.  Onward to April!