Currently - April 2016

April, you were a terrible month, and I am glad you’re over.  Despite the awful start, there were some interesting things happening.  I spent some time in the kitchen and in front of the television, just not as much as usual.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Inspired to Ride - This documentary follows some crazy cyclists as they take on the Trans Am Bike Race.  The coolest part of this race is that it is unsupported!  No teams, no SAG vehicles, and no prize money.  I enjoyed this immensely, and highly recommend this documentary.

The Barkley Marathons - Ultra marathoners are crazy, but the Barkley Marathons are on a whole different level.  Back to back (to back to back to back) trail marathons in Tennessee, where it took years before someone even finished it?  54,000+ feet of elevation gain?  I don’t feel any inclination to ever do an event like this, but boy it was an interesting watch.  Obviously if you’re into ultras or trail running, this one’s for you.


Chilled Black Bean Salad - I’ve added poached chicken thighs to this and have been eating it for lunch all week.  It keeps in the fridge nicely, and comes together in a snap  The cumin, cilantro, and black beans give it a Mexican feel, but then the red wine vinegar and feta offer a Mediterranean twist.  So good!




Blondies - I was wanting a change from my usual brownies, so gave these blondies a try.  I did a mix of milk chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips, but I think next time some pecans or pistachios would be quite welcome.  Maybe some dried fruit?  The key to making these tasty are to have them almost at the point of being under cooked.  The tricky bit of that means these bars are quite soft when you’re trying to depan and slice.  Worth it though!




Out of nowhere on Friday I got an email from an employer that was interested in me.  A quick phone call later and I was scheduled for an interview on Monday.  Whaaaa?  You picked me?  I’ve made no decisions, but it certainly is nice to be wanted.

Saying Goodbye

The dark cloud that hung over April was losing Vivaldi.  It hasn’t been my intention to wallow in heartache, but I still miss her so much.  Each day is a little bit easier, but for now the sadness is still stronger than my good memories.  I’ll share one more picture of her sweet face.