training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 10

I wish I had something to say about this past week of training, but right now, all I can think about is Vivaldi.  I’m writing this on Sunday evening.  On Saturday night Vivaldi had a seizure.  She had a second one Sunday morning, and has been very weak ever since.  We’ll be getting her to her regular vet very soon to see if we  find a cause for these seizure.  Back to the matter at hand - this week’s training.

This week’s totals:

Swim - 2:37:51, 6700 yards

Bike - 2:33:15, 43.5 miles

Run - 1:17:58, 6.59 miles  


  • Swim: 53:32, 2200 yards

500 warm up (200 swim/50 kick, repeat)

300 pull (3/5 breathe by 50)

2x [4x50 kick :20, 200 pull smooth :30]

100 recovery (back/free)

400 swim (RACE!)

100 cool down

During warmup I was feeling quite slow and out of breath, but sure enough I came around and this workout wound up feeling good. The 400 swim in particular I was happy with, because although I was starting to get a bit out of breath, I was able to stay focused the whole time. I thought a lot about body rotation, reach, and a high elbow. I also didn't slow down during the end! The last time I did this workout, my 400 was 7:35 (1:54/100 pace), and this time I did it in 7:26.1 (1:52/100 pace.) I like to think that's mostly due to mental focus. :)

  • Bike: 38:03, rolling hills program.  

I felt sluggish getting going, but quickly found a rhythm. I'd really like to feel less nervous about the traffic so I could ride outside on my real bike. Maybe in a few weeks, once I feel more comfortable riding?


  • Run: 19:13, 1.61 miles.

45 and light wind, and I wore capris, long sleeved tee, and gloves. I started very slow and then warmed up and felt great. This short run was only 1 minute less than my long run was 10 weeks ago!

  • Stretch/Foam Rolling

I stretched right after my run and then went straight into foam rolling.  I paid special attention to my left calf.  Hurts so good!

  • Strength Training

I focused on keeping my form good, even though that means sometimes doing fewer reps. I did increase my front and side planks by :05 so I'm doing each one for :35 now.


Another beautiful bit of gym art, courtesy of McLean Art Society.  "Big Fish" by Erica Petrocca

Another beautiful bit of gym art, courtesy of McLean Art Society.  "Big Fish" by Erica Petrocca

  • Swim: 51:34, 2200 yards

400 warm up (100 free/50 non, repeat)

6x100 pull (descend 1-3, 4-6) :20

300 (as 50 free/50 back kick)

3x100 pull FAST! :20

4x50 as 25 fast/25 easy/:15 kick on wall

300 swim

100 cool down

Blah, I felt so slow.  Actually I've felt slow all month. I feel like the workouts I picked in for March just wound up not tickling my fancy, haven't made me feel like I'm working on the right things, and I got out of the pool glad that March swims are over and I get to pick new ones for April.

  • Bike: 51:09

Stationary, listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast. I set it to low resistance and kept spinning. I wanted to stop a few times and was counting down the minutes, but I got it done.


  • Run: 26:10, 2.17 miles

55 with some wind, so I went with capris and a long sleeved tee and I was good. It takes me a bit to warm up, but once I do I feel good. Maybe a bit tired on the hills, but that's not surprising.

  • Post Run Stretch
  • Strength Training

:35 seconds for the planks and 8 reps for the rest of the core stuff.  I’ll be increasing my leg press next time, but everything else is still feeling tough so I’ll stay the same.

  • Foam Rolling

This was in the evening in front of the tv.  I did my back and lower body.  Oh man!  I waited way too long to do this.


  • Swim: 52:45, 2300 yards

600 warm up (100 swim/50 kick, repeat)

300 pull (3/5 breathe by 50)

4x50 (25 kick/25 sailboat) :10

4x50 (ankle buoy) :10

4x50 descend :10

4x50 all strong :10

300 pull (3/5 breathe by 50)

300 cool down choice

I like this workout just as much as when I did it last month, so I tacked on an extra hundred at the end to make it 2300 for April. The sailboat drill and ankle buoy drills are tough in the best way. I have to concentrate so hard! For the descending 50s: 55.3, 53.7, 53.1, 51.1. I was so hoping to get into the 40s, but no dice. As for the 50s strong, I was pleased: 53.1, 52.2, 52.7, 53.2

I went back and looked at the last time I did this workout. On the descending 50s, my fastest that time was 51.2, and for the strong 50 repeats, I was between 53-55. I know I should be satisfied with this workout, but I'm not. I want more out of myself. I know I can have more focus and push harder in the pool!

  • Run: 32:35, 2.81 miles

82 and sunny to start, then windy and cloudy.  I wore my five pocket shorts and long sleeved tee, hat, and shades. My hat got soaked all the way through, and I was warm. I can't find my old heatgear tops, which is sad. I like these five pocket shorts from Road Runner Sports pretty well, but they do ride up a bit.  My calves felt tight from the start and never really loosened up. Guess I was due for a run that wasn't great. Not bad, just kind of ugh.


  • Scheduled Rest Day


  • Trainer Ride: 1:04:03  

With Vivaldi not feeling well, there was no way I was going to be out on the roads for over an hour.  I dragged the trainer out of storage and sweat out my anxiety from the last day.  I wore my Zoot trisuit and was completely soak in sweat.  I went through an entire bottle of nuun!

Training-wise, I know that the next week will bring the usual small build in volume.  With Vivaldi’s health up in the air, I’m glad to have my scheduled workouts to give me some structure to lean on.  I’m worried about my best friend.

This was taken just a few hours before the first seizure.  I want her to get better soon!

This was taken just a few hours before the first seizure.  I want her to get better soon!