Race Expectations - Heroes vs Villains 5k

On Sunday I’m lining up for my first race since 2010.  The Heroes vs Villains Run for Justice 5k found its way onto my schedule for a couple different reasons.  First, I knew at the start of the year that I couldn’t wait until June for my race season to start.  I’ve been building up this fitness so slowly, and I’m chomping at the bit to put it to work and have some fun at the races.  I also knew that I didn’t want to taper, but rather find a 5k that would fit in with my planned long run for the week.  Two specific weekends in April would work for my purposes, and I was at lunch with my brother when I mentioned that one of the races I found was a costumed Heroes vs Villains race.  He reminded me that a mutual friend had paced several people in loads of races up to half marathons, had just done the Disney Goofy challenge, and would probably be stoked to run in costume.  A few texts later, and sure enough…it was on.  I’ll be running as Black Widow to his Captain America.

Cap and I were just discussing pacing, and I realized that I don’t actually have concrete time goals for this 5k.  I have two other 5k races on my schedule this season.  I want to improve with each one, and this first will serve as my baseline.  My training paces have been clocking in around the 11:30-12:15 mark, depending on time of day and elevation gain.  I’ve been running those easy, so I hope to go faster on race day.  Here are my goals:

  1. Go sub 35:00.  As it happens, my scheduled long run for this week is 35 minutes, so I’d like to not run any longer.  Shorter is fine, and if I go sub 35 it means I actually raced a bit faster than the usual training pace.

  2. No walking!  While I have walked during the run leg of triathlons before, I have never walked during any of my standalone running races.  I want to keep that streak going.

  3. Negative splits.  I’ve run this course before, and it has a few little rollers, but nothing outside of what I usually train on.  I think this is doable.

Got all my supplies together, just need to make my belt buckle and dye my hair.

Got all my supplies together, just need to make my belt buckle and dye my hair.

I shared my pacing and goals with Cap, and he’s on board.  I’m keeping my costume simple.  Three miles is still a big deal for me, so I don’t want to deal with a lot of moving parts that could be annoying or distracting.  As such, I’ll be donning black capris and a black long sleeved tee as the base.  I picked up a couple sheets of craft foam to make a red hourglass buckle, which will be affixed to my SPIbelt.  Final touch: box of red hair dye, to bring it all together.  I don’t want to run in a wig, and I’ve been a bottled redhead before, so that should be a little bit of extra fun.

Among a string of hectic weeks at work and some bad news about Vivaldi’s health, I’m excited to have the Heroes vs Villains 5k coming up this weekend.  I need a distraction, and I can’t wait to line up and cross a finish line.  Avengers Assemble!  Until Civil War comes out next month, at any rate.