training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 14

My consistency fell apart a bit this week.  Maybe not in the most noticeable way, but I certainly spent a lot more time than usual talking myself into doing workouts.  At times I was not successful.  While my tri workouts got mostly done, I skipped all the auxiliary stuff.  So….no stretching, no foam rolling, and no strength training.  On Monday I went to an interview, which had me wearing high heels for the first time in forever.  For the rest of the week I struggled with my left arch feeling quite uncomfortable.  Here’s the details of Week 14.

My totals:

Swim - 1:50:57, 4600 yards

Bike - 2:10:32, 33.62 miles

Run - 1:34:07, 7.72 miles



  • Swim - 54:47, 2300 yards
  • 200 choice warm up
  • 8x25 kick :15 (odds fast/evens smooth)
  • 3x [6x50 :10, descend 1-3, 4-6
  • 200 pull (100 smooth/100 fast)
  • 1x100 non free w/ :30]
  • 100 cool down

Despite eating hearty last night and having my usual breakfast, my stomach was growling during the warm up. Although none of my 50s were particularly fast, I got all of them to descend except for the very last one. I was getting pretty tired, so I think I'm okay with that. I also appear to have a very slight speed difference in my pull sets between "smooth" and "fast" and while that's good, I think more mental focus in general would have brought more benefit to this workout. I let my mind wander a bit too much.


  • Run - 23:04, 1.82 miles

Sometimes it feels like no matter how "easy" I run my HR still seems high. But I don't really know if it of the downsides of being inexperienced at everything is not really knowing this kind of stuff. I'm not gasping for air or anything. This run felt okay, but I kept it in the apartment complex so I wouldn't have to deal with any hills. Fewer flowers, more chirping birds.


  • Swim - 56:10, 2300 yards
  • 200 choice warm up
  • 4x150 :30 (50 kick, 100 swim build)
  • 4x25 :10 (fingertip drag drill & fist drill)
  • 4x150 :30 (as 50 free/50 non-free/50 free)
  • 4x25 :10 descending
  • 4x150 pull :30 (easy/medium/strong)
  • 100 cool down

I didn't try to be a speed demon today. I swam thoughtfully and deliberately, focusing a lot on my pull and body rotation. I think I've been letting that become a bit sloppy, and it was good to have a focus today. I could have swam my 25s faster, but I did hit them all descending, so I'm pleased with that effort.

These beautiful purple irises are enjoying some much needed rain

These beautiful purple irises are enjoying some much needed rain

As an aside, I usually have an applesauce/food pouch before my swim so I have something in my stomach, and I've found that they sit really well without giving me heartburn. Today's was butternut squash with carrot and chickpea, and I won't be purchasing it again. I like all those things, but I guess not together.

  • Trainer Ride - 46:07

Watching Once Upon a Time. Since J worked on my gears over the weekend, the shifting in the front isn't 100% but it is much improved. I'm still really struggling to not slide off the saddle and to feel comfortable on the trainer. I'm sure a fit would help, so I’m going to research some DIY fit options.


  • Long Run - 39:17, 3.28 miles

My alarm went off and I did not respond.  Instead I slept in, rescheduled my run to the evening, and bagged the strength training.  Looking at the weather report, I knew I was likely going to be getting my ride in on Saturday.  With that in mind, I decided to move my long run up a day to I wouldn’t be doing the long workouts back to back.  Light rain, and it was nice. I wore my long fitted shorts, a fitted long sleeved tee, and my cap. My left arch was feeling tender and my Achilles did not like the .5 mile climb to the turnaround.  Once I was coming home it was good. There are steeper bits on the way home, so maybe it was the sustained nature that hurt? At any rate, I focused on posture. My shoulders and back started feeling tight, but maybe over time I'll get stronger and be able to hold my torso up without slouching in the back stretch.


  • Unscheduled Rest Day
  • DIY Bike Fit

Using this as a guide, J helped me with an at-home bike fitting.  I was surprised that my seat height was measuring out as correct, since I always read that most people have their seat too low.  We did move my saddle back over 2 cm, leveled it out, and rotated the handlebars up a few degrees.  The reach still feels long, but we’re not buying any new components for this bike, so the handlebar rotation was the best we could do with what we had.  I had been feeling like I was sliding off the saddle so much, and it seems counterintuitive that moving the saddle back would fix it, but so far so good.


  • Bike - 1:24:25, 18.39 miles, 692 ft gain

Longest outdoor bike ride EVER!  About 15 minutes in I lost the ability to shift into the big ring. Fortunately I’m not a very strong cyclist yet, so spending time in my small ring and granny ring aren’t too big of a deal.  I headed East on the W&OD, past Vienna.  My turnaround point was somewhere between Vienna and Reston.  Overall I’d say this ride was fun and went well.  My shoulders and seat felt pretty good until the :50 mark, and then the aching started. My low back was particularly unhappy, but seeing as I went longer than race distance before that started kicking in, I'm okay with that.  Of note: I barely had to readjust myself on the saddle!  DIY bike fit win!!  I thought I managed my climbing better than compared to last week, and I felt fresher at the top of the Idylwood climb. According to Strava I was the exact same pace….but I'll take fresher any day!  I’m so glad there was a break in the rain today so I could ride.  It was 50 degrees and overcast with some breeze, and I wore my trisuit with a long sleeved jersey over top. Really comfy, although the jersey is a bit too small.

Along the W&OD inside Vienna is this lovely mural

Along the W&OD inside Vienna is this lovely mural


  • Run - 31:46, 2.62 miles

Since  my foot has been aching this week, I told myself that if I had any pain at all in my plantar fascia I would stop and walk back home.  It was 50 degrees and raining, and I decided to run in the apartment complex again to avoid any hills.  That did mean I missed out on seeing some nicer flowers. Even so, this run felt pretty easy, especially considering yesterday's long ride. I ran in my trisuit with my Under Armour bra underneath to test that combo out. Because of the weather I wore my jacket on top. I was a bit warm, but I would have been freezing and soaked without it. All good, no chafing! My ankles and feet didn't feel wonderful, but nothing specific that I can pinpoint.  No issues in my plantar fascia, so that makes me happy.

Letting everything have a chance to dry out

Letting everything have a chance to dry out

Week 14 could be called the week that I wasn’t honest with myself.  For each of my skipped workouts this week, I lied to myself a bit, saying that I wasn’t feeling well, or I needed the rest.  I don’t think that was necessarily the truth.  Admitting that I woke up, didn’t want to workout, and somehow decided that was a good enough reason to skip is not fun, but it is important.  I know I always feel much better once I start the workout, and by the time I'm done I'm loving it.  In the past I have had issues in the last six weeks before a race.  My consistency wanes, and I self sabotage all the effort I’ve built up.  That is NOT going to happen this time.  I have worked too hard and have too many plans that I won’t let go of.  Not only am I looking ahead and telling myself that Week 15 will be better, I’m deciding that the entire month of May will be better.  In five weeks I’ll be lining up on a start line, and I intend to be fully prepared and ready!