training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 17

Oh peak week, you did not go how I planned.  I talked in my last post about my ankle issues, so rather than rehashing all that, I’ll just do the usual end of week recap.  Sigh...

My totals:

Swim - 2:42:02, 6525 yards

Bike - 58:03, 18.62 miles

Run - 1:18:55, 6.41 miles



  • Swim - 46:23, 1725 yards

Breaststroke recovery swim with fins, followed by the hot tub.

Obviously my Garmin miscounted my laps somewhere, since I definitely got out on the same side of the pool as I got in.  I don't know where that extra 25 yards came from. At any rate, a nice swim. It felt good to focus on something different, especially a more lateral leg movement. Toward the beginning my fins were digging into my feet a bit, and I was wondering if I'd be able to swim with them for 45 minutes, but as I focused on my form, the fin irritation went away. Seems it was all mental!


  • Run - 30:03, 2.4 miles

Such a gray day, but the rain held off. I went for loops in the apartment complex, but even still my legs felt tired. In fact, when I stopped my left Achilles cramped up something fierce. I stretched it out on the curb and made it home okay, and felt much better after my shower. Still, I've never felt anything like that before and it was not pleasant.

Best part: today was this week's short run, and it was 30 minutes! I'm a person who does a 30 minute short run!!


  • Swim - 57:41, 2400 yards
    • 200 choice warm up
    • 8x25 kick :15 (odds fast/evens smooth)
    • 3x [6x50 :10, descend 1-3, 4-6
    • 200 pull (100 smooth/100 fast)
    • 1x100 non free w/ :30]
    • 200 cool down

I barely looked at my watch today, and that's a good thing. I swam by feel, and didn't sweat each little second, and my reward was feeling a lot more mentally positive during this swim. It was all about form and fun again, instead of time and pace. After the fact I checked out my data, and I nailed all my 50s descending! Nothing super speedy, but each set of 3 got faster.

I also brought my water bottle with me to the pool deck. I haven't done that in awhile, not since reading an article by Chrissie Wellington about how you should train like you race and you can't drink during the swim leg. All respect her, but maybe that's something I should only do now and again. I felt much better being able to drink between sets! :) Happy days in the water again!!

  • Trainer Ride - 58:03

Noooo! I think my cadence sensor is dead.  3 minutes in each gear all the way up to big ring little cog, then back down. I'm covered in sweat and have shaky legs, so I feel like I worked hard.


  • Long Run - 48:52, 4.01 miles

Will you look at that? A 4 mile long run. And just 7 months ago I was still speed walking. Slow and steady wins this race!

Amazing how quiet 66 is so early in the morning

Amazing how quiet 66 is so early in the morning

I started to get quite warm/sweaty, so my resolve to wear long sleeves as sun protection is going to be tested, I know. But I will remain steadfast and avoid too much exposure. This run was mostly enjoyable, I tried to think about posture and stay relaxed. I actually made it all the way to the 66 crossing, which was unexpected.

  • Post Run Stretch

Mostly calves, feet, and hammies


  • Swim - 57:58, 2400 yards
    • 200 choice warm up
    • 4x150 :30 (50 kick, 100 swim build)
    • 4x25 :10 (fingertip drag drill & fist drill)
    • 4x150 :30 (as 50 free/50 non-free/50 free)
    • 4x25 :10 descending
    • 4x150 pull :30 (easy/medium/strong)
    • 200 cool down
after so many rainy days, it is lovely to see the sun

after so many rainy days, it is lovely to see the sun

Besides the kick sets making my foot/ankle hurt, this workout was good. I put a lot of focus on those drills, and body rotation was big in my mind the whole time. Except for the last two of those pull sets, where my back and shoulders were just done.


R.I.C.E. day.  Blah, I am crap as resting.


Sigh, more RICE-ing.

Week 17 has ended with me feeling quite down.  I’m anxious that my tendon will continue to hurt, and that I will lose huge fitness not being able to train for the next two weeks.  I’m also strongly reminded of my true be able to race and be healthy enough to start training for the next one.  Just last week I was complaining how that goal was too simple, but here I am, wanting more than anything to follow through and reach that goal.  That means not being my own worst enemy, and letting myself heal.