Currently - April 2016

May is already over!  This month went quickly, and although I was keeping myself busy with training, I managed to find some time for outside interests, too.



Bikes vs Cars - This documentary by Frederik Gertten dives into the global traffic issue and how bicycles try to fit into the car based world.  I loved how it showed cycling life in different parts of the world.  As someone who enjoys cycling, but also depends on a car to get around, I could see both sides of the issue, and found this documentary very thought provoking.  Clearly it was made by bike people, and there were a few moments that I felt an agenda being pushed, but overall it was still enjoyable.  Recommend!

Casting By - Shocker, but yes, this is another documentary.  This one focused on the position of Casting Director in television and film, with a particular focus on Marion Dougherty.  I didn’t really understand the full scope of casting before watching this, and I found it eye opening.  Quite the interesting watch if you like behind-the-scenes Hollywood kind of docs.

Captain America: Civil War - J and I were both officially meh about this latest installment from Marvel.  I don’t know if I’m just tired of the Avengers, or if the story telling is just getting really bad.  Actually, not really much of a plot in this one, just a lot of introducing characters, explosions, fights, and a sprinkling of story.  I’m looking forward to Marvel’s other non-Avenger projects coming up in the future, like Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel.  Infinity Wars...meh.  At least I don’t have to worry about that for a couple years.



It looks like I spent the month of May with something of a polenta obsession.  You have been warned.

Polenta with Spring Vegetable Ragout - This was okay, and I would absolutely like to try it again and go a bit off recipe next time.  The Kitchn’s way of making polenta was a snap, so I can’t recommend that enough, but I did find the vegetable ragout a bit bland.  I think for my next go at it, it needs more herbs and less asparagus.  This kept nicely in the fridge for my lunches, but it was the best the day I made it.  If J would eat something like this for dinner, that would be a real win.

First time enjoying radishes!

First time enjoying radishes!

Breakfast Polenta Squares with Spinach & Bacon - another polenta recipe from The Kitchn.  Points for consistency?  I know these say breakfast squares, but I ate these for lunch.  I wound up freezing a little less than half the pan, so we’ll see how they do defrosted over the next coming week.  I thought these were filling and yummy.  I think next time I would cut these into smaller squares and have a salad or something veggie-rific on the side.  These turned out richer than I originally thought they’d be.

My brother said it looked like dessert.  I wish I could have dessert for lunch every day!

My brother said it looked like dessert.  I wish I could have dessert for lunch every day!



Triathlon For Beginners, by Dan Golding - I checked this out on a whim from Amazon for my Kindle, and I’m really glad it was free.  I would not have been pleased if I paid good money for this book.  While it was fairly clear and concise, there wasn’t much in this book that I couldn’t have gotten online from forums.  That isn’t to say it's a worthless book, and some may like it, but since I already have a strong mentor team, I feel that this book wasn’t a good choice on my part.  Also there were a few typos and grammatical errors, which I found quite distracting.  Basically, if you’ve found my review of this book, you have the tools you need to get the triathlon information you need, and can give this book a skip.

So boom, May is over.  June is, dare I say it, busting out all over!  How is summer here already?  Can’t wait to see what it brings.