checking in on: May Goals

With the excitement of my race, I got a bit behind in checking in on my goals for May.  Better late than never!  Let’s look at some numbers.  Bear in mind, this data is being pulled through May 31st, so I won’t have anything from race day in here.


  • 113,225 out of 325,000 total yards

  • 2400 out of 3000 yard workouts

  • Average sub 2:00/100yd in races

  • Get a 1:35/100yd set in a workout (best on 2/21/2016 = 1:41.4)

Overall swimming is going well, and in May I found my fun in the pool again.  I had gotten a bit too pace focused, and once I stopped that, I started enjoying myself again.  I’m chugging along nicely in getting my distance goals in.  No progress on the pace goals, but I’m just about at the point where I’m going to write those off.  It is quite the challenge to increase both speed and endurance, and I think it was a mistake for me to make goals based that way.


  • 36.16 out of 300 miles on Peggy the City Bike

  • 117.14 out of 500 outdoor miles on Sadly Unnamed Road Bike

  • Road Bike Skill work - one handed (in progress), drinking from water bottle (in progress), easy mounting/dismounting (in progress)

May was another good cycling month.  As I realized last month, I’m not going to make my distance goal for Peggy, but I’m enjoying getting out on her for recovery rides and for fun.  It was exciting to cross over the 100 mile mark on the road bike, and even more exciting to see some progress on my handling skills.  In particular I am able to drink during training while on the move.  Not perfect by any means, but it is starting to come together.


  • 122.87 out of 385 total miles

  • Track HR for all workouts - check

  • Build up to 7 mile long run (currently 4.01)

I had a small bout of peroneal tendonitis that kicked in during peak week, which I treated with RICE.  Even so, I was able to build up to a 4 mile long run!  My long runs were completed on Thursday mornings during May, and it was fairly successful.  I had less soreness overall, and I do believe that was due to going to work about my workout, keeping me moving most of the day.  It was a bit tough setting that alarm earlier, though!

May was ridiculous wet, featuring over 20 days of rain.  This rare sunny day was a treat.

May was ridiculous wet, featuring over 20 days of rain.  This rare sunny day was a treat.

My May goals were to have a sub 1:41/100yd set and a sub 0:47/50yd set for swimming, practice drinking on the bike each 10 minutes, and build my long run to 4 miles.  Another month of missing my swim pace goals, and, like I mentioned, I decided to bag the pace goals midway through the month.  Focusing so hard on time was making me frustrated and upset.  I was losing my love for the pool, and if it isn't fun, why bother?  I was far more successful with my cycling.  From the first try I managed to grab my bike bottle!  Sometimes hearing the beep was tough in loud or windy outdoor conditions, but every time I heard it I went for the bottle.  And then the long run was a success at 4 miles.  Two out of three disciplines, not too shabby!  

June is all about switching over to Olympic distance training.  Rather than tri specific discipline goals, I’m going to focus on auxiliary work.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I do have some cycling goals.  I plan on having two trainer sessions a week, and I want to make them interval focused.  No more sitting and spinning for no reason.  When outside, I will continue to work on my handling skills.  Back to auxiliary goals, I will be changing up my strength training.  I want to find some core work and functional strength workouts to do twice weekly.  I will also foam roll once a week.  Without pace or distance goals to be thinking about, I will be putting less pressure on myself, and hopefully having far more fun.  And my auxiliary goals should keep me healthy.  Hurray!  So excited to see how June goes.