week in review: Reston Triathlon Training, week 6

Ugh….this heat dome needs to go away.  I constantly feel tired, sticky, and irritable.  It probably goes against all kind of triathlon laws, but summer and I are not getting along.  Bring on autumn, please!  But the weeks march on, and although this was not one of my better weeks for consistency, there was still plenty of adventure to be had.

My totals:

Swim - 3:11:04, 7900 yards

Bike - 1:00:03, 18.17 miles

Run - 2:50:08, 12.74 miles

This massive flower was my "cool find" of the week.

This massive flower was my "cool find" of the week.



  • Swim - 1:06:45, 2600 yards
    • 300 swim
    • 200 pull
    • 100 kick
    • 12x50 :15 (kick, drill, by 25)
    • 4x100 swim :30
    • 8x50 :15 (drill, swim, by 25)
    • 4x100 pull :30
    • 200 c/d

so. much. kicking.

And lots of drill. It's good to have a form focus, though, so I embraced it. I did catchup, 6-3-6, Tarzan, fingertip drag, thumb drag, fist, and sailboat. Whew!


  • Run - 37:33, 2.86 miles

I made it further up some hills without my HR buzzing, although I still had to walk up most of Idylwood and again for the return on Rt 7. No aches, no pains, nothing...I felt so good! I guess it was a good call to skip yesterday's ride.

  • Post Run Functional Strength - 11 minutes
    • pedestal #2
    • myrtls


  • Swim - 1:04:19, 2600 yards
    • 800 warm up (200 swim/200 kick/200 drill/200 pull)
    • 4x50 kick w/:15 rest (25 FAST, 25 choice)
    • 3x200 pull w/:30 rest (50 shark drill/150 pull)
    • 4x100 swim w/:20 rest (all strong)
    • 8x50 w/:10 rest (25 non-free/25 free)
    • 200 choice cool down

Wow, how did I pick another workout with so much kicking again? Oh well, it's always good to do kick sets. I think because this one has such a big warmup, it felt like the workout itself went by quick.

  • Trainer Ride - 1:00:03
    • 10' warm-up
    • 40' z2 (143 BPM)
    • 10' cool down

It was a bit hard to find a cadence that kept me at the right HR, but once I had that, it was good going. Challenging, but not hard.  Does that make sense?


After my first swim in the lake. #heartandcourage #stayhydrated

After my first swim in the lake. #heartandcourage #stayhydrated

  • Run - 46:38, 3.39 miles

It didn't feel too bad when I stepped out the door: 70 and humidity at 82%. I still sweat aplenty, and my visor even got so heavy with sweat it was sliding down off my forehead into my eyes. Ew!

My HR strap was being a bit wonky, reading 131 one second, and 177 the next. I finally realized maybe it was a bit too loose and was bouncing slightly away from my skin, so I tucked the edge into my sports bra to help hold it into place. I didn't have any weird readings after that. Hurray for quick fixes! Another good run.

  • Open Water Swimming - approx 1 hour

This was my day at Lake Anna.  I did two swims of maybe 30 minutes each.  I had to guess completely on the distance, since the vivoactive doesn’t do open water.  Maybe 1350 yards for each go?


Planned rest day.  Glorious rest day, especially considering how uncomfortable my sunburn was.


  • Long Run - 1:25:57, 6.49 miles
Stoked to count this chica among my friends.  She's a racing machine, and lives a life of adventure!

Stoked to count this chica among my friends.  She's a racing machine, and lives a life of adventure!

I met up for the first time with Stacey, and we had a great run.  It was pretty warm and fairly humid, but not too bad.  Stacey let me dictate the pace, so we walked whenever my HR buzzed high.  Originally we had planned on an hour, but at thirty minutes in we were feeling great, so tacked on some extra time.  If I’d realized when we stopped how close we were to 6.5 miles, I would have kept on going just a teeny bit more.  My right hip started aching towards the end, and I got a baby blister on the tip of my toe, but this was a good run.  So much fun to run with friends!


Unscheduled rest day.  Just blech.  I lost my mojo on this day.

This week had some serious highs and lows.  My first go at open water swimming, and running with a new friend?  Doesn’t get much better than that outside of race day.  Sadly that was tempered by several days where I just didn’t get the planned workouts in, and just generally felt lazy.  I think overall my schedule is not quite agreeing with me, so for this next week I’ll be making a few changes.  A teeny bit less volume, and some rearranging of workouts to allow for more light days.  We’ll see how it goes.