Countdown to Waterman's Aqua Bike - 2 weeks

Funny how you can write a series of blog posts that talk about a countdown to something, yet still be taken by surprise that the event gets closer. The countdown really is on, now! Twelve days out from Waterman’s, which means its almost time to start stalking race day weather. How did we get to mid-September?! Here’s last week in review:

Swim - 56:22, 2150 meters

Bike - 01:36:11, 21.84 miles

Run - 20:02, 1.29 miles

Thumbs Up For

  • Another lovely ride with Jen in Nokesville. We both agreed after the fact that we probably pushed harder than we should have, but I’m okay with that. I know I can do the distance, and I know how I plan on trying to break up the bike leg on race day to push.

Thumbs Down For

  • Just the one workout each for swim/bike/run. Because I know I can do the distance, I don’t have the fear that usually drives me to get all my workouts in.

Looking Ahead

I’m getting a bit of FOMO as I start seeing my friends fill in their 2019 race schedules. I want to sign up for stuff, too! Also, I had an adjustment made to my medication, which hopefully means looking ahead to feeling more mentally stable. Of course, the next week or so will be tricky as my body adjusts (vertigo, blech) but it should be smooth sailing by this time next week. Just in time for race week. Two weeks to go!