Countdown to Waterman's Aqua Bike - RACE WEEK!

Race week is here! I’m actually equal parts excited (because race week!) and nonplussed (because….I don’t really know why.) I haven’t felt particularly excited about any of my races this season. I’m not sure if its because nothing feels scary-hard, so there’s no race day nerves. Or maybe because I’ve been in a funk for a good portion of the last year, that I’m finally starting to dig my way out of, but not quite enough yet to be pumped for a big event. Is it because I haven’t seen the kind of improvements I want, and therefore don’t think anything special is going to happen on race day? Every other year, there was always this feeling of magic, like anything could happen. I haven’t had that this season. Maybe goal setting has put me off my game and added too much pressure? Something to think about as I put keys to keyboard for my Race Expectations post. With that, here’s last week’s training in review:

Swim - 01:54:04, 3925 meters

Bike - 29:04, 6.91 miles

Run - 50:10, 3.16 miles

Thumbs Up For

  • Outdoor swimming in September! I hardly swam outdoors at all this summer, because the sunscreen logistics (its a thing!) were a pain. But having an outdoor pool open past Labor Day? The siren song was strong, and I went for it. 100% outdoors, and I loved every second of it.

  • Getting it done when I didn’t want to. This includes climbing on the training after coming home from work, putting on sweats, and lounging on the couch for awhile. And driving out to the pool on a Saturday afternoon when, again, curling up on the couch sounded far more appealing.

Thumbs Down For

  • Not always getting it done. Sunday morning I woke up, saw the rain, and promptly…..wait for it…..curled up on the couch. The entire morning, I knew I should still get out there and get a last longish taper ride in. But I didn’t. For not real reason.

Looking Ahead

All eyes on Saturday. I’ve resisted the urge to check the weather, and that includes the water temp. Fingers are firmly crossed for water temps above 71 so that I don’t feel compelled to rent a wetsuit. Other than that, its just ticking the boxes down until Waterman’s.