Fall/Winter 2018 #1

I wanted to do a training recap, because they seem to keep me accountable. But I haven’t technically signed up for any of my off season running yet (more on this another time) so for the next couple weeks I’ll just mosey along with vague blog post titles. Life could be worse. And now, last week’s training in review:

Swim - 59:49, 2150 meters

Bike - 02:00:01, 21.37 miles

Run - 01:44:44, 6.04 miles

Thumbs Up For

  • Amazing fall weather. I got to wear long sleeves and shorts on one run, which is basically my favorite thing ever. I love fall running.

  • Getting those workouts done! That includes two hours on the trainer, even though the weather was pretty.

Thumbs Down For

  • Zone 2 training. I think I’ve blogged about it before, but I really hate slowing down. I had my cycling VO2 max test done (blog post on this soon!) and it turns out that my Zone 2 pace is a blistering 10.7 mph. And that’s if there’s no wind and its completely flat. Grrrr. So my trainer and I are going to become good friends this winter. But for now, its just really incredibly frustrating.

Looking Ahead

Stacey and I are meeting up to ride this weekend. I’m hopeful that the fall foliage will be gorgeous. The foliage maps say it should be peaking, but apparently because of all the rainfall, some of the trees are going straight from green to brown. We shall see…