week in review: Olympic Distance Training, Week 3

Another big volume week, leading into a nice three day weekend.  I did a spontaneous LT test for the bike so I could set my zones properly.  The weather this summer has been so mild!  Here’s the details of the week.

My totals:

Swim - 3:14:04, 7000 yards

Bike - 4:34:24, 71.08 miles

Run - 2:08:43, 9.83 miles

June lilies after a weekday run.

June lilies after a weekday run.


  • Swim - 1:08:32, 2500 yards
    • 300 swim
    • 200 pull
    • 100 kick
    • 12x50 :30 (kick, drill, by 25)
    • 4x100 swim :60
    • 8x50 :15 (drill, swim, by 25)
    • 4x100 pull :30
    • 100 c/d

I wish I'd made the decision earlier in the workout to cuts the rests in half. :30 after a 50 and a full :60 after the hundred was eating up so much time. Even with cutting the rests, I got out of the pool later than I wanted, and skidded into work a couple minutes late.

Workout wise, I concentrated on really reaching and extended my forward warm, which is turn had me noticing my rotation.

  • Trainer Ride - 1:00:06, 2x20 Tester Workout
    • 10 min warm up
    • 15 minutes RPE 7/10
    • 10 min recovery
    • 15 minutes RPE 7/10
    • 10 min cool down

This workout actually calls for 2x20 minutes at RPE 7/10, hence the name of the workout.  That’s a bit too much for me right now, so I went with 2x15.  That gives me room to grow in this workouts.


  • Run - 32:52, 2.49 miles

Icky and humid. My calves were still tight from Saturday's big effort on the LT field test. Getting going was tough, but it never really hurt. Just...tight. Z2, so I was walking up most of the hills. I changed my Garmin display fields to show only elapsed time and HR, no distance or pace, which helped me focus on the point of the workout.  No way to feel bad about being slow if I don’t know my speed!

  • Functional Strength - 44 minutes
    • 1/4 mile walk warm up
    • ankle/foot routine
    • pedestal 1
    • myrtls
    • 1/4 mile walk cool down

As usual the ankle/foot routine is challenging from a balance perspective. The planks are maybe the tiniest bit easier, except for the back plank, which is crazy hard for me still. One more day of this routine and then next week I move up to the next level!


  • Swim - 1:07:27, 2500 yards
    • 3x300 :60 (some BR, some back, some pull)
    • 4x50 :30 drill (catch-up, Tarzan)
    • 4x100 :45 (breathe 3/5/3/5 by 25)
    • 3x [100 swim strong:20, 50 kick hard :20, 50 EZ swim :60]
    • 3x100 :30 (swim/kick by 50)
    • 100 cool down

Today was the day I realized that I'm going to need to start getting to the pool earlier. Now that my workouts are heading towards 1:10 time-frame, I need to get IN the water at 7am, rather than pull into the parking lot then. By the time I walk in, check in, get through the locker room, etc...the minutes just add up. I barely remember anything about this workout. I was fussing with my goggled pretty much the entire time.  That's a bad sign, when you think more about the equipment than the technique or effort.

  • Trainer Ride - 1:00:07

On a whim, I decided to try to do a trainer LT test. I wasn't feeling confident about my cycling zones, and now that I have more structured workouts, I wanted to make sure I was doing them to the best of my ability.

I don't think I was as successful with the cycling LT test as compared to my running one. Maybe I'm not as good at pacing myself, or even pushing myself. At the end of my run test, I felt completely spent. With this cycling test, I feel like I could have kept going a little longer. Even so, I'm glad I did this. Looking forward to doing another in about six weeks, and hopefully being better at it.


  • Run - 42:48, 3.21 miles

So nice out: sunny, low 60s, and not humid. I could do with more runs like this! My shorts were a bit of a mess, though.  I dragged out some regular running shorts with pockets to see how I liked them. They rode up the entire time, and I remember now why these were banned to the back of the drawer. Back to my usual chafe free compression shorts!

  • Functional Strength - 45 minutes
    • 1/4 mile walk warm up
    • ankle/foot routine
    • pedestal 1
    • myrtls
    • 1/4 mile walk cool down

The ankle/foot routine isn't easy, but it is getting easier. I had some issues during the back planks with my elbow sliding out from under me. It felt like the mat was sticky, and I really didn't want to think about that too much. Ew.  The Myrtl routine is also starting to be….well, routine.  It is feeling more comfortable. Next week I move to the next level!

Friday (Active Recovery Day)

  • Swim - 58:05, 2000 yards
    • 4x200 :60 (150 swim, 50 kick)
    • 4x50 :45 (odds kick, evens sailboat)
    • 4x50 :45 (odds one arm, evens 6/3/6)
    • 4x50 :30 descending
    • 8x50 :30 (odds sprint, evens easy)
    • 200 cool down

Finally Friday, and yet another swim with really long rests. The descending and sprint/easy were both written with :60 rest, but I really didn't want to spend that much time at the side, so I made it :30.

Descending 50s went well: 59.3, 56.2, 53.1, 49.2. The sprints had me working, but I really liked having an easy 50 between. I was able to refocus my form, and then carry that into the next sprint. I managed TWO 48.2s in my sprint, so that felt pretty good.


Saturday morning before 4th of July at the Farmer's Market.  It doesn't get much better!

Saturday morning before 4th of July at the Farmer's Market.  It doesn't get much better!

  • City Bike
    • To - 22:04, 3.81 miles
    • Fro - 25:05, 3.81 miles

Got the bright idea to ride Peggy out to the Farmer's Market before it opened, lock her up, and do my long run out on the W&OD.  On the one hand, it was a stupid idea to ride my bike, go for a long run so I’m starving, buy a bunch of heavy produce and eggs, and then have to haul it all back home up the hills.  On the other hand, this was such fun!  I can’t wait to do this again, and just a little bit of planning should make it go more smoothly.

  • Long Run - 53:03, 4.13 miles
My turnaround point on the W&OD

My turnaround point on the W&OD

Sunny and breezy; this was such a lovely day. I do wish I had brought a handheld bottle, as this was quite a ways to go without water, and I couldn't see any readily apparent water fountains on the W&OD. I headed out toward Arlington. The W&OD is a rail conversion, and the flat nature of the trail meant I kept my HR in Zone 2 without ever having to walk. My lower back on the right side started to feel a bit tired/achy in the last mile. Nothing really bad, just....tired. That is the side where my hip has been bothering me a bit.  My stomach started growling pretty hard as I was making my way back, and I had no food on me. Fortunately, the Farmer's Market was opening up, and the samples were plentiful.


Getting ready for almost two hours on the trainer.  Breakfast of champions.

Getting ready for almost two hours on the trainer.  Breakfast of champions.

  • Trainer Ride - 1:47:02
    • 10' warm up at 75% LT
    • 30' at 75%
    • 30' at 80%
    • 30' at 85%
    • 7' at 65%

It was raining when I woke up, and with a race the next day I didn't want to push too hard. I took to the trainer, keeping it aerobic. Estimated distance: 27.3 miles.  Took in: two bottles nuun, one cereal bar, one honey stinger waffle, and two episodes of Doctor Who. It felt a lot easier than I'm used to, which was kind of nice. There are so many hills around here that I feel like my HR is constantly spiking into the red zone when I ride outside.  I’m actually looking forward to building my bike aerobic base on the trainer this winter.  For now, though, I need to keep riding outside whenever possible to improve my handling skills.

Last week was a big one, and I’m enjoying the structure and challenge.  On the goggle front, I still don't know about the R1s. The visibility is incredible, and I want them to work so badly because of that. The sad reality is that I just don't think they suit my face. After a few adjustments, I didn’t have as much leaking as the first week.  They don't have an adjustable nose bridge, and they just aren't quite the right width, so things aren't sitting as nicely as I like.  Finding goggles that fit is harder than finding a comfortable bra!