Favorites for a Cold

I’ve had a horrible cold this week, so I’m going to highlight some favorite things that help me feel a bit better when I’m not at my best.


Twinings Lemon Ginger Tea - hot tea when you have a cold is a no brainer, and this one is fantastic.  Since I’m sleeping so much, I don’t want anything with caffeine.  There are a lot of Lemon Ginger teas out there, but I like the Twinings because I feel like it has a spicier ginger zip compared to others.  If you add honey for sweetness, the ginger fades back and the lemon comes out to play more.  I prefer it unsweetened, so the ginger can really shine and help clean out my sinuses.

Aquaphor - usually I’m slathering this on my feet to keep blisters at bay, but when I have a cold it lives by my bedside table.  For me, congestion means a raw nose from my over exuberant use of tissues, and cracked bleeding lips from the super sexy mouth breathing.  Aquaphor to the rescue!  Some people prefer Vaseline, which is 100% petrolatum, but I find Aquaphor a bit creamier and long lasting, clocking in at 42% petrolatum.

Nuun - my electrolyte drink of choice!  When my throat is sore, I have a hard time drinking plain water.  Hot tea or bubbly cold drinks are the only things that go down.  The effervescent quality of nuun helps keep me hydrated.  My favorite flavors are tri-berry and lemon-lime.




Tony Moly Water Bomb Sleeping Pack - this light textured lotion feels just a tiny bit sticky when applied, but it quickly sinks in and leaves behind a nice barrier to keep moisture in your skin.  I first started using Tony Moly products a little over a year ago, and so far I’ve liked everything I’ve tried.  The Water Bomb Sleeping Pack only gets brought out on the coldest driest winter nights, and when I have cold/flu face and need some pampering.  If you’re a lover of the Korean skincare trend, check out Tony Moly.  Bonus: a lot of their product lines have adorable packaging!  I also have the peach lip balm at my office desk.

Nothing revolutionary, just some a few classic things and re-purposed triathlon goodies that we all have around anyway!