training review: Reston Sprint Tri Week 15

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this past week a complete turnaround from last week’s consistency blahs, it certainly improved as the week went on.  In fact, I had a great weekend for training and got to end on a high note.  There were a few little good spots and small successes sprinkled throughout, so I’m feeling quite good about Week 15.

My totals:

Swim - 1:50:33, 4800 yards

Bike - 2:56:27, 41.42 miles

Run - 1:45:54, 8.84 miles



  • Unscheduled Rest Day

Pulled into the REC to find it closed due to water problems. Ugh! Backtracked to the house so I could shower and get ready for work.  I briefly contemplated doing some kind of workout in the evening, but didn’t want to run two days in a row, so thought I’d just take the rest day.


  • Run - 24:31, 1.95 miles

Another rainy run in the apartment complex.  My spring uniform seems to be fitted long shorts, a long sleeved tee, and my brimmed cap to keep the rain out of my face. For the first 100 steps or so, I thought this was going to be a no-go. My ankle hurt, my foot felt wobbly, etc. Then I felt better, found some rhythm, and got going. Something about running in a light rain is just wonderful!

  • Post Run Stretch

Feels so nice...why do I ever forget to do this?


  • Swim - 55:37, 2400 yards
    • 500 choice warm up
    • 5x150 pull :30 (breathe 3/5/3 by 50)
    • 5x200 swim :45
    • 150 cool down

I had a very splashy lane mate, so good practice for a crowded swim! After being out of the water for a week, I felt sluggish during warmup, and told myself to focus on my catch. As I get tired, my left arm especially tries to go straight. Those 200 repeats are a challenge, more mentally than anything else. Here's how they went: 3:48.7, 3:48.2, 3:52.4, 3:49.5, 3:49.4. Nice consistency, and I'm happy to see that I kept it from getting too slow on the fourth and fifth go.

I found some goggles in a box when cleaning out the closet over the weekend, so I tried them out today. I have no idea how old they are, but they didn't appear to have been used. Speedo Sockets, I think? Lower profile and smaller than my Vanquishers. I had a teeny bit of leaking midway through, but nothing particularly annoying. They have left some impressive rings around my eyes, but we'll see. I also struggled quite a bit with heartburn this workouts. Hmmmm.

  • Trainer Ride - 48:03

Watching The West Wing. Why is it when I'm on the trainer I'm not having issues with shifting, but when I get out on the road I can't get into the big ring? So frustrating. I had a few comfort issues involving pressure and my lady bits and some seams, but nothing like I've been having the last few trainer sessions. I didn't feel like I was sliding off or anything, so I think the DIY fit certainly helped. I still find it pretty much impossible to take my hands off the handlebars without falling onto them face first, which is an issue. I have to sit all the way up. That doesn't sound normal. Maybe my core is just ridiculously weak and I can't hold myself up? Who knows.....but for now all is working and I can ride okay, so we're calling it a win.


  • Long Run - 40:05, 3.34 miles

I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today, but it was just barely 50 degrees and misting the whole time I was out there, so I went with capris and a long sleeve tee. I didn't need a hat, since the rain was so light. This is the second week in a row that I’ve had my long run on a Thursday, and so far I’m liking it.  My legs felt good going up the hill on Pimmit, and my shoulders didn't seem as tense as last week. Little successes!


  • Swim - 54:56, 2400 yards
    • 400 warm up (150 swim/50 kick - repeat)
    • 50 BR, 50 back
    • 3x200 pull :20 descend
    • 300 swim (100 free/50 non - repeat) ---> whoops, somehow miscounted this, so did 250, then an easy 50
    • 4x100 :15 (25 sprint/75 strong)
    • 200 swim
    • 4x50 :10
    • 200 cool down

This was the first time that my form straight up failed in the pool. Previous to this I've been able to focus my mind, tell my body to suck it up, and bring it back to the wall. During my 100 repeats and again during the 50s, my body just noped right out. I was pushing hard, trying to find that point where I couldn't give any more...and I guess I found it. Despite being tired, this was a good workout.

Descending 200 pull: 3:51.3, 3:50.2, 3:47.1. Check! This is also where I thought my shoulders and back were going to rebel and leave the pool on their own.

100 repeats: best was 1:45.9, which is better than I've seen in quite some time. During my second I also had my goggle come completely away from my face, so I flipped onto my back and kicked while I emptied and reseated it, and still managed a 1:58.8 for that one!

50 repeats: best was the first one, at 0:49.7

  • Run - 32:23, 2.75 miles

Another cool rainy run. Right at the tail end my calf started the feel tight, but then the workout was over, so no issue. I felt a bit like I was struggling this run. Tired...nothing pain related, just tired. It is nice to be tired and not feeling great but still able to crank out a 30ish minute run. Progress!


  • City Bike - 44:02, 7.62 miles

Farmer's Market to and fro. I haven't been out on Peggy the City Bike in so long, and it was nice to just get out and enjoy riding. Strawberries smelled good so I grabbed a couple pints along with some turnovers and whoopie pies. After a couple months of riding the road bike, climbing with only eight gears on the city bike is tough. Still, so nice to get out. Also, I just noticed that this is the fastest I've ever been on Peggy, (by about 0.3 mph.) I didn't feel like I was pushing or anything, so maybe I'm getting stronger? Or maybe the wind was in my favor!


  • Long Bike - 1:24:22, 18.36 miles, 711 ft gain

After a false start that brought me home within 5 minutes to have J tinker with my front derailleur, I finally set out. I had all my gears!

The good: I was able to drink from my water bottle on the go several times. I was surprised at my success! In fact, the first time I reached down for my water bottle and managed to get it on the first go, I was so surprised I almost dropped the bottle.  Getting it back in the cage is harder, but I’m beyond pumped that I managed to drink on the go.  In other good news, I felt like I had more energy and pushed through on the long false flat climb back to Vienna.  Oh oh oh!! I passed someone on the Idylwood climb to Virginia Lane!

The bad: I struggled with some starts and stops. I scraped up my calf on my pedal and I have a bit of bruising on my thigh from a particularly rough false start. Also: holy headwind! And crosswind...just wow, so windy today.

Other stuff: I ate two Fig Newtons at the turnaround and another at a stoplight, all washed down with triberry nuun. When I got home I had a chocolate milk. I think taking in some nutrition helped, since when I got home I didn't feel starving. I do not plan to eat on the bike on race day, since that will be shorter, but for riding over an hour, it seems to be good.  Lots of new stuff this week, and I'm feeling confident for my race next month.

  • Transition Run - 8:55, 0.8 miles

Quick mini transition run. My back felt okay getting off the bike. I had jelly legs and my HR was high, but I felt good at the .6 mile mark.

Week 15 is in the bag, and I feel great about it.  Everything got better as the week went on, so by the end of Sunday’s long ride I had rose colored glasses on for sure.  Nothing can ever go wrong!  I have four weeks until race day, and right now I feel as though I could do the race right now.  Confidence is a great thing, let me tell you.  I hope the next few weeks continue to give me more.  Let’s go!