week in review: Olympic Distance Training, Week 2

This second week of Oly training also turned out to be my biggest week ever, volume wise.  I guess that means most weeks will have that distinction, as I move towards race day.  I bumped up my swim workouts to 2500 yards, put in some good hard workouts on the trainer, and did my very first LT field test.  Let’s dig in, shall we?

My totals:

Swim - 2:58:48, 7000 yards

Bike - 3:28:26, 51.67 miles

Run - 1:55:53, 9.18 miles

My time at the REC this week was marked by some fun decorations in preparation for the All Night Graduation Party

My time at the REC this week was marked by some fun decorations in preparation for the All Night Graduation Party


  • Swim - 1:01:46, 2500 yards
    • 500 warm up
    • 5x100 (kick, swim, thumb drag drill, swim by 25) :15-:25
    • 3x100 pull @2:00 (negative split 50s)
    • 6x50 @60 pull strong
    • 4x100 swim @2:00 descend
    • 4x50 @1:05 (3/5 breathe by 25)
    • 4x25 @60 shooters (streamline and kick, then easy)
    • 200 cool down

This was my first swim of 2500 yards, AND my first swim of over an hour. Milestones: I'm checking them off! This workout was challenging, as it also marked the first time I had a series of sets where I left at a particular time, rather than specifically counting out my rest. By the time I was getting to the last sets of 100s, I was getting barely 5 seconds of rest.

I did get my negative splits on the 100 pulls, but didn't have success in descending my 100 swims. Guess I need to file this workout away to try again sometime!

  • Trainer Ride - 50:02, 20/40 Sprint Workout
    • 10 min warm up
    • 3x (5x 20 sec all out, 40 sec rec) + 5 min easy pedaling
    • 10 min cool down

These sprints started out deceptively easy, but the longer I went, the harder it got. Not as big of a sweatfest as last week’s LT or Aerobic Intervals, but still working hard all the same.


  • Run - 29:45, 2.13 miles

72 and quite humid. I thought it was going to slay cloudy, so I didn't bring my sunglasses, and then of course the sun started peeking out. This was a Zone 2 fail, as I accidentally had my watch set to buzz at the top of Zone 3.  Whoops!

  • Functional Strength - 48 minutes
    • 1/4 mile walk warm up
    • ankle/foot routine
    • pedestal 1
    • myrtls
    • 1/4 mile walk cool down

By the time I got to the end of the ankle/foot routine, I was really feeling it. My balance needs some work.


  • Swim - 1:03:46, 2500 yards
    • 400 warm up, kick every 4th 25
    • 8x50 :30 (drill/swim by 25)
    • 4x25 :20
    • 4x50 :30
    • 4x100 :45
    • 4x50 :30
    • 4x25 :20
    • 6x75 pull @1:30
    • 1x150 (100 ALL OUT, 50 EZ)
    • 100 cool down

New suit today, new goggles, and a very tired me. The suit is a new TYR polyester grab bag, and I lucked into some decent looking red flames. For goggles I splurged and got some ROKA R1s. The visibility is incredible, and once I’ve put them through their paces I do a full review.

For drills I did half catch up and half fist. Right around the 75 pull sets is when my shoulders started to complain, and I was losing my form trying to get enough rest on 1:30. I switched it to 1:35 to avoid practicing a sloppy stroke. As for 100 all out, right at the end of the workout....no. That did not happen. Is anyone surprised?

This started out feeling kind of easy, then by the last set I was really cooking. Tough, but I would enjoy doing this workout again. I’m not switching to velodrome or anything, but Katie Archibald knows her stuff!


  • Run - 38:06, 2.63 miles

Quite steady rain for this Z2 run.  I walked my HR back down to the bottom of the zone when it buzzed too high. My right hip started feeling a little bit cranky towards the end, but nothing bad. This was super slow and sopping wet, but still felt like a good run.

  • Functional Strength - 49 minutes
    • 1/4 mile walk warm up
    • ankle/foot routine
    • pedestal 1
    • myrtls
    • 1/4 mile walk cool down

My balance is awful, no wonder I fall down all the time. Not so much violent shaking in the side planks, so some progress there.

Friday (Active Recovery Day)

  • Swim - 53:16, 2000 yards
    • 300 warm up
    • 4x75 :30 (kick, drill, swim by 25)
    • 6x50 : descend 1-3, 4-6
    • 200 pull :20
    • 150 build :30
    • 100 fast :60
    • 50 sprint
    • 100 recovery
    • 400 (kick, swim by 50)
    • 100 cool down

I forgot my bottle of nuun on the counter when I left the house, so I did this swim, showered, and drove to the office before I could have anything to drink. Do not recommend!

I had a bit of leaking from my goggles.  I was fussing and adjusting my straps a bit, so hopefully once I get the fit dialed in, I'll be okay. It is mostly when I push off the wall. My swim cap also kept coming off for no particular reason. Such a comedy of errors. At least it was a recovery swim.

  • Foam Rolling

Full body, with lots of attention on my calves and thighs. I'm happy to say that it didn't hurt as bad as last week. I need to keep this habit up!


  • Run - 48:02, 4.42 miles

This was the day of my very first LT field test.  I have a whole separate post on it, since it felt like such a big milestone for me.  TL;DR - I think I paced pretty well, I didn’t puke, my LT came in at 183, and I have my zones set.  Success!


Looking a bit gritty and urban here.  Such a big change in so few miles!

Looking a bit gritty and urban here.  Such a big change in so few miles!

  • Bike - 1:38:22, 18.65 miles, 822 ft gain
    • Highlights: A planned easy ride, I decided to investigate Custis trail, since I heard it had fewer at-grade crossings.  Turns out it has a lot more climbing, and I wound up working harder than I meant to.  I had to walk my bike a couple times, muscled up some unexpected inclines, experienced panic at my first steep S-curve descent, dropped my chain twice (user error?!) and struggled with sun glare until I hit the turnaround.  I also managed to get up more hills than I thought, didn’t crash, got my chain back on quickly, and still was having tons of fun.  I will conquer my fears!
    • Nutrition: What with the climbing and sun blind descents, I didn't really get to practice drinking the way I wanted. Maybe once or twice? I did get down most of a bottle of Skratch lemons & limes (yummy and not too sweet) and a strawberry cereal bar (generic brand Nutrigrain) when I paused at the turnaround. (48g carbs)
    • Health: A teeny bit of back pain and some slight undercarriage soreness, but no chafing or broken skin this week.  

I am quite pleased with how this week went.  There was a lot of new stuff going on: new suit, new goggles, LT test, Custis trail, but I was enjoying it.  I’m usually a person who gets anxious at the thought of new things, but I spent this entire week really looking forward to each new thing I had on my plate.  Beyond the fact that this was a good week with nice volume, I’m most happy with the growth I’m seeing within myself.